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Stacey - Founder/Creative Director
Founder/Creative Director

1 / My name is Stacey and I founded pink chicken 10 years ago after working in design for over 15 years at big corporate companies (think Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy)
2 / Got tired of corporate grind and wanted to be with my girls more and use my time away from them to do something I am passionate about. (Having said that I’m grateful for the experiences and mentors I have had over the years). 3 / I have 2 daughters, 11 and 15 (yes a teenager!!) and a beloved pup Zucc (named after our favorite NY Rangers hockey player) and my supportive husband John. 4 / I have always had a passion for printed textile and color and started making dresses for my girls from vintage fabrics I saved over the years. Then thought hmmm...maybe other people would like these too. 5 / We design all of our prints in house and are usually inspired by vintage textiles, wallpaper, or ethnic details. 6 / I truly LOVE kids, all of them, all ages, shapes, and sizes!! 7 / I love an iced skimm latte 365 days of the year. 8 / I love the beach, my favorite place to be. Always soothes my soul. 9 / Both of my grandmothers were in the fashion business - one had her own boutique in Ohio and the other designed bridesmaid dresses in New York. 10 / #GRATITUDE Want you to know how grateful I am for your support of our little brand. We LOVE dressing your little ones...
looking forward to another 10 years!! XOXO Stacey

  • Christina - Senior Designer
    Senior Designer
    1/ I have been passionate about designing clothing ever since I was a young girl & played dress up with my Abuelita. Her collection of fashion was a capsule of both time & culture, combining decades of international style. 2/ I’m an avid runner & marathoner. Running has always provided me with a sense of relaxation amid this crazy life. 3/ I love summer & the beach! nothing beats being sun kissed, eating king crab legs & wearing flip flops with any outfit. 4/ Zuccy is my buddy. I love watching him while Stacey is away!
  • Gabrielle - Manager, Production/Wholesale + E-Commerce
    Manager, Production/Wholesale + E-Commerce
    1/ I love making sure our website is always looking fresh and running smoothly. 2/ Gianlu’s mama. He is my first ever dog. I realized I wanted a boston terrier during my study abroad semester in Florence - the inspiration for his name. 3/ Bachelor/Bachelorette connoisseur. I can tell you anything and everything about who’s dating who in bachelor nation. 4/ I have tap danced since high school. I always want to be surrounded by family and friends BUT this is my one “me time” thing.
  • Laurel - Manager of Buying and Retail Operations
    Manager of Buying and Retail Operations
    1. From Madison, WI to Madison Avenue...I bring a bit of the Midwest to Pink Chicken 2. My favorite part of my job is sourcing awesome new products to bring life and color to our stores 3. I am a huge animal lover and my apartment serves as a sort of half-way house for foster dogs looking for homes 4. I'm vegan...but I'm not annoying
  • Geoff - CFO | COO
    CFO | COO
    1. PC is my first experience working for a retail company. I spent the previous 20+ years specializing in the taxation of hedge funds. 2. My happy place is on the beach with my family building sandcastles, collecting shells and swimming in the ocean. 3. I enjoy swimming, biking and running and have completed the NYC Triathlon four times. 4. I’m originally from New Jersey but always knew I would end up in NYC. I currently live on the UWS with my wife and two sons.
  • Courtney - Associate Designer
    Associate Designer
    1/ my career as a fashion designer has taken me from my Home in Texas, to Paris, and now to New York! 2/ cotton candy and gummy bears are my weakness. 3/ I do gymnastics to stay in shape and keep up my back flip 4/ I love riding horses. I have a gorgeous/crazy horse named Indy back in Texas.
  • Emma - Wholesale Assistant
    Wholesale Assistant
    1) Recently spent time in Nepal volunteering with a disaster relief organization where I met my husband. 2) We are new puppy parents to Winston, our crazy and lazy Frenchie! 3) I come from a family of seamstresses and have been sewing since the age of 6. 4) I love being creative whether it’s with fabric, makeup, DIY projects, or cooking. I love trying new things and working with my hands!
  • Stephanie - Sales Guru
    Sales Guru
    1/ I love sports 2/ I dream of being a crazy cat lady, but my building doesn’t allow pets 3/ I cannot get enough Bravo and HGTV 4/ My family is the craziest, most fun, full of love, group of people I know
  • Albert - Badass Bookkeeper
    Badass Bookkeeper
    How to make Albert happy? 1-give him a weekend away with his wife Kathy and two (crazed but lovable) teenagers, Louis and Grace 2- hand him a guitar 🎸 3- hand him a bike 🚴 4-give him the opportunity to work with the awesome crew at pink chicken!


  • Rebecca - Charleston Store Manager
    Charleston Store Manager
    1) My daughter is 16 and my son is 18 and keep me on my toes! 2) I swam with whale sharks in the middle of the's so crazy and exhilarating to be swimming next to such an enormous animal! 3) I absolutely LOVE anything to do with the ocean. Paddleboarding, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, cast net shrimping are some favporites 4) I visited Charleston 10 years ago for the first time. Within 3 months, I had moved here 5) I could live on Mexican food, pickles and smarties
  • Angela - Santa Monica Store Manager
    Santa Monica Store Manager
    1/ I just moved back to CA, my home state, after almost 20 years in New York! 2/ I am a fierce animal lover. 3/ I am a mother of 2 boys; ages 12 and 9. 4/ I love to do yoga after many many years as a runner and cardio junkie. 5/ I really enjoy getting to know the people in my neighborhood via my job at Pink Chicken. I live very close by and it's great to be a part of this wonderful Santa Monica community.
  • Alexandra - Hamptons Store Manager
    Hamptons Store Manager
    1/ Living by the beach is my number one! 2/ Pets? Yes: a hyper vizsla puppy, two cranky black cats, a hedgie and a the moment. 3/ I am superstitious and THREE is my lucky #. I am Mom to three children, born in '03, '06 and '09. Lucky me! 4/ Major sweet tooth. I cannot resist a good vanilla cupcake! 5/ I married my college boyfriend.


  • Zucc - Chief Innovation Officer
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Gianlu - Director of Client Outreach
    Director of Client Outreach
  • Winston - Office Morale Advisor
    Office Morale Advisor

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