a dude ranch convert

"Set forth in the direction of the setting sun."  That was my husband’s decree as we sought a mind-clearing change of scenery this past year.  I have to admit I was skeptical about two New York families taking it to the American West (what if they kids hated it?) but John prevailed. We landed in Tucson and stopped to pick up the cowboy boots and hats that John had pre-ordered online.   After a two hour drive to Sasabe, Arizona and its lone gas station and post office, we arrived at Rancho de la Osa, a 300 year-old hacienda very close to the Mexican border.  The vibrancy of the dessert landscape and the simple beauty of Rancho de la Osa had immediate impact on us.  Add to that the night sky, howling coyotes, and the sounds of owls and we were hooked. This was a vacation unlike any we had taken before.  From early morning trail rides to late afternoon hikes in the foothills, we ended each day with an incredibly delicious communal meal.  For one week, we had the amazing experience of living at a more peaceful pace. And as an added benefit, it was a TV free experience, (there is one communal satellite television in the lounge).   Being disconnected from the world allowed us to really connect. And packing was easy - Levis paired with PC tunics.  So I’m a dude ranch convert.  The setting sun and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other.
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