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Amongst the stream of “mom conversations” I have during the course of any given day, (afterschool scheduling problems, academic anxieties, and what to make for dinner), I come across a lot of Getting-Kids-Dressed Dilemmas.   The mother/daughter dynamic starts young – and early in the morning.   Like when it’s time to get dressed for school. In the same way my lawyer friend gets legal questions and my chef friend gets cooking questions, my mom friends want to talk it out with me – what their girls are wearing (or not wearing) and the battles that sometime ensue.  The discussions are always a blend of humor and frustration (like all things in parenting, there’s no real answer, there’s just your answer). These are a few of the topics discussed lately at quick post-drop-off coffees, or on the way to Spin. Dilemma #1 My daughter won’t wear dresses and I really really want her to. I believe that’s important to let kids put their own looks together and express themselves (whenever it’s appropriate).  In the “choose your battles” approach to parenting, getting dressed shouldn’t be one of them.  Kids really need to feel comfortable. We starting designing separates for this very reason – Josie pants with our Reid top is cheerful and sweet.  Kid is comfy, mom is happy. Also, a lot of girls don’t mind layering a dress over jeans (these from Ernest Sewn are great) or some cute leggings from The Children’s Place.  A lot of girls are concerned about mixing dresses and the monkey bars – this is a great solution. Dilemma # 2 How to do the mother/daughter dressing without looking like a dork? I swore I’d never do it but my first foray into mother/daughter dressing came in the form of matching Halloween T-shirts from Old Navy when the kids were babies (though I do admit a long time love for Lilly Pulitzer and the signature patterns on moms and daughters).

So, at Pink Chicken, I’ve re-imagined mommy & me dressing in a modern way.  Try the same print in different styles or the same color story.  For mom, there’s a dress with a belt (love this leopard one) and Frye Boots, while the Belle wears hers with Converse sneakers and Sadie always picks a ballet flat.

The girls love it – we have a lot common, we like the same things, but we can each express it in a different way.  Family harmony!

If you've got a Getting-Kids-Dressed Dilemma, email me – we’ll talk it out!
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