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mommy, can I skype santa?

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While Christmas Eve remains cookies-and-milk low-tech, there have been some changes in the ways that our kids ("digital natives" as they're called) want to communicate with the Pole.

It seems Santa's gmail account has been hacked, but the US Postal Service continues to offer reliable delivery system to the North Pole, with many letters answered by Operation Santa Volunteers (you've go to love that).  There's something to be said for the handwritten envelope and its lack of appeal to hacktivists.

While there are a number of sites that offer email addresses for Santa and promise one back in return,  we can't recommend any of them (bad graphics and the endless stream of daily advertisements that will no doubt result).

One thing we've enjoyed is Portable North Pole, where Santa will send a pre-Christmas video to your child, complimenting them on a variety of pre-selected achievements (from eating their vegetables to breaking up with thumb sucking).  Santa addresses them by name and hints at their most desired gifts (all pre-programmed by you).  Be ready for priceless expressions with the under-seven-not-yet-jaded crowd.

But if anyone knows how to ichat Santa, please contact us here.


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