2012 resolutions

For me, New Year's resolutions aren't so much a commitment to doing something new, but more a return to goals gone off track during the impossibly busy stretch of time between the first day of school and New Years Day.  From getting the kids settled into school and activities through Thanksgiving, travel, and the shopping and celebrating that takes us through to January 31, it's difficult to even remember some of my goals let alone enact them. So, my New Year's resolutions are more of a renewal (like a book I borrowed from the library but I didn't get to finish). MORE GREEN I say this amid a pile of spent gift wrap and boxes, all of which will become art projects over the next couple of months. Reducing plastic and synthetics in our home is a work in progress: Lunchskins are adorable reusable sandwich bags (and the cheerful patterns brighten any lunch or snack period). Bye bye ziplocs. A friend gave me The Concious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu back in the fall. It's a common sense guide to improving the health of your family by changing the way you shop and stock your kitchen - all of which seems obvious as you read it but somehow her book inspires me with its quick style and practical information. Check out her blog here. In homage to the Girl Scout pledge which requires that we "use resources wisely," I'm turning down the heat and adding a sweater.  Uniqlo's $49 cashmeres fit in with this plan beautifully. MORE PATIENCE All mothers want this. Sadly, it's not sold in any catalog. Ommmm. MORE OUTDOORS I was once at a wedding where the rabbi told the happy newlyweds to appreciate something in nature everyday. Great advice. Ice skating at the Standard Hotel here in New York, or the Buckskill Winter Club on Long Island are two of our favorite family spots. Bash Bish Falls in the Berkshires is a scenic short hike that ends at a rather magnificent water fall, iced over in winter, and is achievable by even the youngest of hikers.  Bear Mountain State Park offers beautiful trails and views for family hiking. Getting outside with the kids keeps us all moving and talking, away from the television, away from the KindleFire (which I'm told was one of this year's hottest gifts). SKIING Skiing, skiing, skiing - it's on.  Upstate, Vermont, out west.  If you have any family skiing information you'd like to share with the Pink Chicken community, please email me here and I'll share.  Now that my kids are old enough to fully participate, we intend to do plenty of downhill in the months and years to come. MORE MUSIC Selena Gomez has taken over my ipod.  I would describe myself as an avid music fan. I'd like to get back to making that a true statement.  Bands I like to get know better:  Airborne Toxic Event, Bon Iver, Florence and the Machine.  I welcome any and all suggestions for updating my playlists. MORE SPONTANEITY Plan ahead, but not too much.  Quiet down Siri. LEARN MANDARIN I had to throw in at least one standard issue unlikely-to-be-achieved resolution. In case I make good on it, Rosetta Stone will show me the way. Wishing everyone a happy healthy and wonderful New Year and thank you for your continued support of Pink Chicken!  Stay tuned for our spring collection, our new website, and so much more.
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