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I know summer is around the corner when EWG releases its Skin Deep Summer Sunscreen Guide.  I haven’t stocked up on sunscreen yet but I have bought a surfboard.  Not for me, it's for my daughter...



Just after our newest store opening, our family took some time to reconnect with friends on a trip to Costa Rica. We rented a giant house together and all we did was surf, everyday. All of us. Besides being one of those great mind-clearing activities - you can't think of anything else while you're doing it (and even when you're not) - surfing, like skiing, is a whole-family sport. Sadie and Belle picked it up immediately, while I had to work just a little harder. Our location, just outside of Tamarindo, had great beginner waves as well as big waves for John. Everyone was deliriously happy.



The kids loved their surf lessons with Austin of CR Surf  – not only was he a great instructor, but he served cold pineapple after every lesson (the kids totally dug it!).   Though we didn't actually stay there, we loved the Capitan Suizo hotel stopping in off the beach daily for smoothies and visits with the monkeys who live in the trees around their pool.



One of our most delicious lunches was at Longboard BBQ where the girls signed the surfboards and we all had one of the best pulled pork sandwiches ever.



Back in New York we’re going to try and keep Costa Rica with us.  Belle’s new surfboard (with lessons from Air and Speed) is just the beginning.  We’ll be setting up camp on the beach with the indispensable Table in a Bag from Crate and Barrel




and this adorable chair from PBkids for our littlest house guests.



For me, this season's MVP will be these gorgeous sarongs that I'll sit on, wear, and love all summer long.



So Summer 2012 has arrived.  The pulled pork sandwiches will have to come from TownLine BBQ and the next surfboard will be mine.



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