ilove my iphone


I have to admit it, I’m a recent convert.  I carried that other phone
with its blinking email alerts and its Qwerty keyboard.  I could send long missives, easily typed out but not so easily read on the small, grey screen.  I took a few pictures here and there but they never really captured a sunset, a kindergarten sing-along.  And I could talk on the phone.  It just wasn’t kicky.
But everything’s different now.  I’m connected to my iphone in a whole different way.  It literally brings joy to my life.


First, the music;  from playlists that I make for myself (love you Goyte) or using the Pandora or Spotify apps to hear classic rock mixes (still love you Bon Jovi) to the new and deliciously sullen Fiona Apple album, I find that I’m listening to more music than I have in years.  It’s energizing on all kinds of levels – yes, I’ll take the stairs just so I can hear the end of a song.  I’m definitely burning more calories since getting an iphone.


And then there’s the camera;  No longer will I be the mother who forgot the camera as I’ve always got my phone.  My instagrammed enhanced photos make anything look better and the video capabilities are marvelous (that last pitch of the Mets - I can relieve it when I’m on the subway for an early morning Thrill of Victory moment, it’s better than coffee).


My iphone has even taken the sting out of waiting for an overbooked dentist.  I’m addicted to Solitaire (it calms me, like meditation), audio books, and checking the weather.  I’m also fascinated by the traffic overlay on google maps.  My phone is so much fun, especially with these Ink & Paige phone covers – love them.


The virtual keyboard?  No, I don’t love it but on the positive side, I’m obsessed with Emoji.  My emails have never been more lively.


And talking on the phone?  I find I don’t so much, but here’s my number,
call me maybe!


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