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viva italia!

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A friend's nuptials brought lucky me to Capri—one of Italy's paradisiacal islands found in the Tyrrhenian Sea—and I just had to share this breathtaking experience, a literal and visual feast! One of the bluest seas I've ever seen, I love the Gulliver's Travels effect of this photo—as if   you could simply dip your toe amongst all the tiny boats. In person, however, everything feels larger than life, especially the big, wide, beautiful sea. Every other shop in Capri is a handmade sandal making shop. These are sandals we had made for Belle and Sadie. Eating at La Fontelina was a highlight—you reserve a spot on the rocks with beach mats, swim in the azure water, and have a delicious lunch. With a friend, we took one day to Positano, a village on the Amalfi Coast just a short boat ride from Capri. Our lunch was fresh and delightful—how magnificent is this dish above? I fell in love with this stunning town, which I really must return to.

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  • poshmybuttons: March 13, 2016

    Beautiful Place! Thats my middle name too!

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