Every year, I know that once my girls have decided on their Halloween costumes, it’s like someone has fired the starting gun and the race to the end of the year begins. Before I know it, I’m knee-deep in the holidays and * poof * it’s over. As the pace of life quickens, we try to take a moment in our extra-full lives to support others who aren’t so lucky, and for us that usually means donating to organizations that benefit mothers and children. The good news is that there are so many amazing people doing remarkable things that we couldn’t pick just one. So this season, we’ve chosen the P.C.3: Three of our favorite mother & child non-profits. First up is Christy Turlington Burn’s “Every Mother Counts,” ( Christy is as grounded and caring as they come. So it’s no surprise to me that through her devoted efforts, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised to keep women from dying of preventable causes during childbirth since its founding in 2010. Sure, she is most famous for her gorgeous face, but it’s her heart—and her feet—that are attracting the attention these days. On November 4th, she’s running her second ING NYC Marathon to raise money for her organization. Here, she shares more details: Tell us a little about Every Mother counts? I experienced a childbirth-related complication after delivering my daughter in 2003 and soon learned about the global statistics, which at that time were 530,000 girls and women around the world who were dying from similar pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. But I also learned that almost all of these deaths are preventable and that's the piece that inspired me to action. My documentary film, “No Woman, No Cry” was a personal journey to learn more about why we allow women to die when we know how to save them. EMC was created to be a resource to further educate and support maternal mortality reduction globally. °How can other mothers support your efforts? Please visit and see the variety of ways we invite you to engage. You can learn the facts and share them with your friends. You can run a marathon or organize a group 5k walk/run in solidarity with Team EMC when we run the ING NYC Marathon on November 4th. You can purchase one of the products created with us to support maternal health initiatives around the world. °Can you help us come up with ways to involve our kids in giving back? The best way to teach our kids is by example. Take action and share with them why you are doing so. Ask them what they think about this issue or any other you want to support. Can they imagine a world without moms? Invite several mother daughter pairs over and share some of the films on our website. Use it to begin a dialogue that is right for their age. Allowing them to teach their peers with the support of their mom will make it all the more meaningful to everyone. Way to go, Christy! Please click on the link to donate. We’ll all be rooting for you next weekend.
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