top 10 reasons we love clyde fraser

Clyde came into our lives back in 2008. My husband and my daughter Belle begged me for a dog, and any reluctance I had about keeping a pet in our Manhattan apartment flew out the window when I laid eyes on that fluffy Norfolk terrier puppy. It was instantly clear that our family was missing one critical member, and he was it. Back then I had no idea how perfectly he’d fit into our lives. He loves the city. He loves the beach. He’s up for a road trip at a moment’s notice. And now, since he’s been coming with me to the office two days a week, he’s our official Pink Chicken mascot. Here, ten reasons to justify our obsession. 1.     He loves snack time. Pretzels? Cheese sticks? Whatever we’ve got to nibble on, he’s always game. I’m not sure if he would even recognize a Milk Bone as food. 2.     He protects us from our mannequins. No matter how many hours he spends in the office, he’s never entirely sure whether the mannequins are people or plastic. Every 30 minutes or so, he’ll catch site of one and bark like crazy. It doesn’t speak well about his short (or long) term memory, but we find it adorable. 3.     And the UPS delivery man. And the Fed Ex delivery man. And anyone else who dares to cross the threshold of our office…SeriouslyNo human being, real or fake, will escape his scrutiny and judgment. 4.    He is a superb model. Sometimes in a pinch, we’ll try newborn styles on his furry little form. He doesn’t complain. And he’s a bargain. Also he adds a lot of fun to our photoshoots. clyde-combined 5.     He looks good in a tux. This is a critical trait, for man or beast. photo-1   6.    He’s the mayor of Amagansett. During the summer and on the weekends out at the beach, he struts down Main Street in front of the Pink Chicken store like he owns the place. 7.     He exemplifies our laidback style. We have such a chill work environment, just like the Boho vibe of the clothes. But Clyde takes “relaxed” to a new level. He literally lies around all day. photo2   8.    He’s as fluffy as a teddy bear. But with a better personality. photo1   9.    He loves a good vacation. And is always up for a visit to my sister’s farm, a bonfire on the beach, or any adventure. 10.  He can’t talk. And therefore, he can’t talk back. Moms, you know what I’m saying here.
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