Anyone who's struggled to capture their children's true expressions on camera, let alone snap a decent holiday card picture every year, will appreciate the talent of photographer Ken Kochey. When Ken isn't photographing our Pink Chicken catalogues, he travels to far away locations from Indonesia to Istanbul for magazines like Town & Country, Martha Stewart Living and Conde Nast Traveler recording some very memorable moments in his uniquely joyful way . photo 2 We met seven years ago when our kids started school together and since then he and his wife Sarah have become treasured friends. As an avid surfer who grew up in Hawaii, Ken totally gets the carefree, colorful spirit of Pink Chicken. SPHR BW 8 Here, Ken talks about how he got his start and shares his secret to getting great photos of the littlest subjects. *When did you first discover your love for photography? I started directing my family in home movies when I was 10. But it wasn't until I was living in Hawaii during a college hiatus that I picked up the camera. Basically, I never put it down. *What's your all-time favorite location? I can never name the one place I loved over all the others because each place has its own unique charm and vibe. I find that your experience in a place has less to do about the location and more to do with you mind space you're in at the time. *What's your most treasured possession? My sense of humor. *What's your idea of the perfect Sunday? Surfing in Montauk with family and friends. *Any advice for taking pictures of kids? My best advice would be to not pose the kids. They have a way of making great photo opportunities in their everyday lives. Don't over-think it. Go for spontaneity and you will get great, authentic shots that don't interrupt the moment. Also, just put the camera down sometimes. Be sure to be in the moment with your children. Memories are more profound." ken 2 images We are grateful to Ken for being so generous with his time and talent over the years, for making all of our shoots a ton of fun for the girls and, of course, for the many hours he's spent in the water giving free surf lessons to my family! check out ken kochey here!
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