Mom with "SOUL": Elizabeth Cutler, co-founder and co-CEO of SoulCycle.

I hope that every person who reads this has a friend like my friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth Cutler-1 If I need a decent accountant, I call Elizabeth. If I'm on the hunt for the perfect architect to help with our kitchen remodel, I call Elizabeth. If I'm looking for my kids in the summertime, I call Elizabeth! Because in addition to being a co-founder of SoulCycle, her 7-year-old fitness company that just opened its 17th spinning studio, she also happens to be an amazing mom to two super-cool kids whom my girls adore. Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 10.52.00 AM Elizabeth is one of the people who embodies the words 'generosity of spirit.' She is not only generous in the literal sense, always opening her home to our family, offering to lend a helping hand, and giving back to the community with countless Soul Cycle charity rides. But she's also generous with information, offering support and guidance to everyone she knows. I think that one of the reasons why Soul Cycle has been so successful is that it offers an energy release along with an opportunity for people to get in touch with their spiritual side. Elizabeth once spent a year at a Burmese monastery and she is very focused on maintaining a healthy mind/body balance, which I really admire. Here, she offers her thoughts about how to stay connected and grounded, even when life just gets too busy. . . 1. Why do you think it's so important for people, especially working moms, to stay in touch with their spiritual side? Um, sanity, necessity and survival.  We cannot lose our sense of humor…..     2. How do you train the Soul Cycle instructors to connect with people in class on such an intimate, spiritual level? I'm always surprised by how they can connect with people on a real, emotional level while they're leading a class.   I am often brought to tears, good ones. Is there a book you recommend, or a seminar?  The SoulCycle "platform" is an inspirational organism, we set up to give instructors the freedom to plug into the moment and the energy into the room.  It is amazing how the collective can always create real energy.  As for seminars, I like most of the Landmark Forum, the non-selling part of it.  It's a phenomenal seminar.     3. Who is the person in your life who taught you the importance of generosity?  No idea, but I have benefited from so much kindness in this lifetime that I am big on paying it forward.    4. On those days when you can't get to a Soul Cycle class, how do you stay grounded?  I still practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, the grandparent of acupuncture, every day.  It is all about unblocking stuck energy, that's what we all need!!!   5. Do you have a favorite testimonial or story about how Soul Cycle changed someone's life for the better? This is what really gets all of us out of bed in the morning…..we all have found something on the bike and we all have heard unbelievable stories.  The SoulCycle Blog is the home to a ton of inspiration.  I love them all!   6. Music is such a critical part of the Soul Cycle class experience. Are you listening to anything great these days that you want to share? We just launched new music Tuesday Program and a Spotify channel.  MUCH more to come on the music front from SC!!!!
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