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This time of year I like to think about both the joy of motherhood and the sacrifice mothers make all over the world. That’s why, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I am thrilled to attend my friend Christy Turlington Burns’s Every Mother Counts MPower lunch. Christy launched EMC after having complications immediately after the birth of her first child, Grace. Startled to learn that what was a relatively simple problem to fix here in the U.S., was absolutely life threatening in the developing world, Christy decided to focus her attention on turning the tide of the failing state of maternal health worldwide. Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.10.49 PM This Mother’s Day Every Mother Counts is launching a campaign called Every 2 Minutes. Two simple facts ring true about the current state of maternal health. 1. Globally, Every 2 Minutes a woman dies from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. 2. Two women die each day from these complications here in the U.S. I thought for sure that right here at home things were not risky, but loosing two mothers each day to complications that can easily be overcome with simple planning and care seems like two too many. So check out to see what two actions you can take to raise awareness and be a part of the Every 2 Minutes movement. bBJAx47W7qizj8dBCxo0VKAYPmrNE8VgzvoiT24v5S0


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