This year we wanted highlight one of our wholesale partners a month to show you how incredible these small boutiques and their owners are! They are so important to helping us spread the pink chicken love and we cherish each and every one of them. First up is Picnic in Brooklyn, NY.   We met Lindsey 2 years ago when she opened Picnic after the birth of her daughter Grey. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Check out the Q and A below and get to know Picnic and Lindsey a little better! And when you are in Brooklyn next, her shop is a must stop!

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Q: how did you get started in retail?

A: Prior to owning Picnic I had worked in womenswear for many years doing both fashion show production and sales.  After the birth of my daughter Grey I was wandering around our Brooklyn neighborhood while on maternity leave searching for cool, unique infant clothing.  When I couldn’t find anything (shocking, as Brooklyn is the birthplace of cool?) that I wanted to buy the concept of Picnic started to take shape.  I ended up leaving my corporate position when my daughter was six months old and we opened Picnic when she turned eight months old.  It was a completely insane time, but sometimes a hint of insanity goes a long way!

Q: when did you open?

A: We opened on St. Patrick’s Day, March 2012.  I still remember our first customer and exactly what she purchased.  She has since moved out of Brooklyn but is still a wonderful customer and friend.

Q: how would you describe their store?   

A: Our slogan is “outfitting kids for everyday adventures.”  When you look at the world from a child’s perspective everything becomes so fresh, fun and exciting.  Picnic is about embracing that excitement and providing product that makes both children and parents smile a little brighter.  For a little girl there is nothing more fantastic than wearing a dress covered in rainbows or a tutu skirt with a hint of sparkle… the same goes for our guys who love superhero capes and dinosaur tees… we like to help get their imaginations going wild!  For the parents, I like to think we provide a nice range of unique, quality products that make them feel good about what they are buying for their children.  We always try to address their specific needs while making sure that we add a bit of whimsy for the kids!

Q: what makes your store special?

A: We are first and foremost a neighborhood boutique.  Brooklyn has a strong sense of community and we really feel responsible to constantly grow and change with our customers.  We have an incredible, knowledgeable staff that all of the children adore.  Our service is very personal no matter if it is your first time in the shop or we see you on a daily basis.  If we have the ability to go the extra mile we do it… and we have amazing customer loyalty because of that reason.

Q: what are your favorite brands besides pink chicken of course:)?

A: Our Pink Chicken orders grow at exponential rates and we can’t wait to launch Blue Rooster this spring!  Our boy mommies are so excited!  Other favorite brands are Siaomimi, I Love Gorgeous, Tooby Doo, Appaman, Skylar Luna, Peppercorn Kids… I could go on and on!

Q: why kids?

A: Having worked in womenswear I can honestly say I will never go back!  Kids are the most fantastic customers!  They are honest, they know exactly what they like and what they don’t like… and they ALL look adorable in the product!

Q: tell us about your customers??

A: Our Cobble Hill neighborhood has become more of a tourist destination in recent years so we are getting more of an international crowd then we did when we first opened.  But again, our main customer base is our community of Brooklyn parents and families shopping for their own children and loved ones.  We have an amazing selection of birthday gifts for all ages as well so if you come in on a weekend morning we are very busy wrapping presents!

Q: what is their favorite pc style?

A: Our favorite Pink Chicken style will always be the Harlow Pant (or in this case the Harper Pant)… our moms just adore their girls in harem pants, and the girls love them too!

Q: Whats your favorite thing about being a shop owner?

A: There are so many wonderful things about being a shop owner.  I get the luxury and privilege of being a full time mom while having a career that inspires me every single day!  I get to talk to neighborhood parents, most of whom have become friends and I get to discover amazing product that makes me smile.

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