Abby Takes on NYC!

A few months back, an avid Pink Chicken shopper (and photographer), Catrina Earls, reached out to tell me that she would be in NYC with her 5-year-old daughter Abby – who would be visiting the big city for the first time ever! She offered to take pictures of Abby in some of the new Fall styles, and we all thought it would be an exciting way to see the collection – and the city that we call home – through new eyes!


  1. Names: Catrina and Abby Earls (age 5)
  2. Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
  3. Hobbies & interests: Swimming, Tumbling, Art, Taking photos
  4. How did you discover Pink Chicken? It was when my husband and I were in Charleston for a photo shoot. I walked by, looked in and immediately told him we needed to go inside. It was love at first sight!
  5. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Favorite piece from the Fall Collection? Oh, this is a tough one. Favorite from the Fall Collection is the Steph Dress. Favorite all time piece is the pink leopard print Eden dress.
  6. What is the Pink Chicken brand to you? How do you feel when you are wearing Pink Chicken? Abby is always very excited when I talk about dressing up in her Pink Chicken clothes. She has already planned on wearing one of her dresses for her first day of school. It is so nice as a mom to see how much the brand promotes self-confidence for girls. Allowing them to dress as girls and to feel beautiful in the clothes. Also, they’re absolutely adorable! We are big advocates for continuing to support small businesses! Especially ones that treat you so well when you stop in the store many times - and are staffed with the sweetest people!
  7. Feelings on being a “customer turned model”?! “I loved it!” Abs was so excited when I mentioned to her that she could model some outfits for the Fall line. When the box arrived, it was hard to keep her from prancing around the house in the different dresses! 😂 As a mom I don’t ever want to force my child to do something she doesn’t enjoy, and I can see in the photos and by her reaction that she loved the opportunity to be a Pink Chicken model. She came home from our trip and told everyone she knew about it!


abby in nyc

    1. What was your first impression of the Big City? It was really fun! A lot of people and really busy. 
    2. What were your favorite sights/spots/attractions that you visited?  The Empire State Building and Times Square. I loved all the lights and how colorful it was. I also loved getting a hot dog at the little hot dog cart!
    3. How did you feel about wearing Pink Chicken on your NYC adventures? (keep in mind Abby was modeling Fall clothes in the middle of July 😂It was hot out, but I still loved wearing them! My change of clothes was another Pink Chicken dress! I could twirl around and feel like a princess.

abby in nyc.

  1. What about NYC surprised you most? How bad the drivers are – haha! It was crazy, very busy and the buildings were very tall. 
  2. How did this trip bring you closer as mother & daughter? For me, it was a chance to share part of my childhood life with her. I used to travel up to NYC in high school all the time and to be able to show my baby girl these places, and just to see that look of awe in her eyes made it magical. I think it was even more meaningful for me as a photographer to see her shine in this opportunity. She takes direction very well when it comes to modeling, and to be the one to capture those memories and moments was an amazing feeling.
  3. Any other tidbits or stories that you would like to share about your first time in NYC? We stopped by the 9/11 memorial and explained what happened, and for her to offer to take a moment of silence to remember those whose lives were lost was really moving. It was also pretty neat seeing her walk around the city. She had such confidence walking around staring at all the buildings! When we told Abby we were leaving Times Square, she didn’t want to go. We definitely think a girl’s trip to NYC is in the future - and we definitely need to stop by the NYC store!

abby and catrina in times square.


We always love hearing from our customers - please be sure to tell us your stories and tag us in your PC frocks @pinkchickenny to be featured!

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