Artist Collaboration: Elizabeth Saven

Spotlight on our new colorful abstract print created by artist (and PC customer!) Elizabeth Saven for our Resort 2021 Collection. We asked Elizabeth about her creative process, what inspires her and more. Get to know more about her and read the full Q&A below!

Elizabeth lives in sunny Los Angeles, but is originally from Chicago. She spent 25 years as a graphic designer, as well as a motion graphic designer. Her portfolio includes work for major television networks and advertising agencies, as well as print and package design for the beauty industry. 

After having children, she transitioned out of the world of technology, deadlines and decisions to the more tactile and slow journey of painting...It has been a natural progression and she enjoys the organic and intuitive nature of it. 

Elizabeth uses her knowledge of color, composition, shape and negative space, and applies it to canvas. Her paintings are a study of shapes and how they interact with each other. Often, each painting starts out as a colorful mess, and slowly through experimentation and risk, she resolves it to a composition that is somehow complete. 

Elizabeth loves beauty and chooses to see the world that way.

1. Where did you grow up / Where do you live now? I grew up in Evanston, Illinois but have lived in Los Angeles for 26 years.

2. How long have you been painting? I have been painting for 12 years, but have been in the art world for 30 years.

3. How did you know you wanted to be an artist? I grew up with lots of markers and paper and would lay on the floor and draw all day long. However, I wouldn’t draw people--I was usually copying package design from products in my house. I had books and journals of everything from Joy dishwashing liquid bottles to the Tab soda logo in every color. I then transitioned to drawing abstract designs. I majored in Graphic Design in college and never stopped. It was in my blood...I had no choice.

4. How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is a mix of city and country, colorful and neutral and hard and soft lines. My closet is half black white and gray graphic pieces and half Indian block print dresses in bright colors. I always need the balance.

5. How does this affect your work? This translates directly in my work, as I go from very bright colors to neutrals, as well as hard lines to watery texture. I love it all and vacillate between the two styles.

6. Describe your most memorable moment as an artist so far? There are many, but my most recent memorable moment as an artist was selling 23 paintings to a very high profile Hollywood star. (I can’t say who!)

7. What has been your biggest struggle as an artist so far? My biggest struggle is exposure. Instagram has been a game changer, however it’s always a battle between time spent painting, and time spent with marketing.

8. What were your thoughts when PC reached out to collaborate on this amazing print? I was overjoyed and thrilled, as I am a regular customer of the women's line.

9. Any sneak peeks or hints on any upcoming works? I always have lots in the works. I have a series of women's faces--works on paper-and am participating in an art fair(The Renegade Craft Fair) on November 20 and 21 in Los Angeles.

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