When I first started following Brooklyn Lamb on instagram I assumed this uber talented acrylic painter and mother of two lived in Brooklyn. It wasn’t till after I reached out to her for a collaboration I learned that wasn’t where she lived but it was her name!

I love her paintings of animals, so beautifully real and detailed and wild!  When looking at a beautiful Llama painting she did last year I had to reach out and ask if she’d be interested in collaborating... lucky for us (and you!) she said yes!


Get this know this strong and creative Mama from Detroit :

Name: Brooklyn

Kids names and ages:

Cosi, 5, Indie, 3.

Where did you grow up and where do live now?

Southeast Michigan! I have lived here my whole life and have been fascinated with the artist culture and growth in Detroit.

You have the coolest name, tell us about it.

Thank you! My parents lived in Brooklyn before I was born. My dad worked as an illustrator there. And I married a drummer/designer with the last name Lamb.

When did you start painting?

High School, my junior year. It took to me, and I couldn’t let it go.

How did animals become the focus of your work?

I started out painting people portraits on commission which was very intriguing. But the more I would paint people’s pets, I realized that there was some mystery that laid behind their eyes. It was a unique puzzle to figure out how to showcase an animal’s personality in a 2-D form when they cannot explain themselves verbally. Yet, we all relate to animals in a way that is sometimes hard for us to do with humans. We get them, and they get us.

What medium do you use to paint?

Acrylic. It resonates with my impatience for drying, and very versatile to use when kids are around.

How would you describe your personal style?

Low key boho/rock and roll. Since I have paint on most of my clothes, I tend to keep it simple with Gap jeans and a gray t-shirt. When I go out, I love to wear a statement dress or colorful shoes.

Proudest moment as a parent?

Hearing how much our daughters remember literally everything we say, meaning that they are listening to our constant loving instruction about life.

Proudest moment as an artist?

When I share something from my soul, and someone just gets it. That means a lot, because sometimes as an artist, you feel like very few people understand you.

Hardest moment as a parent?

Keeping a consistent routine with my kids. I am too much of a free spirit, but I am getting things organized a little bit more each day.

Hardest moment as an artist?

Sharing my weird, and allowing people to read my thoughts in my writing.

Any exciting projects on the horizon you want to talk about?

I have two new series in the works that will be complete by spring: FLOAT and ROAR.

What is your favorite thing about our collaboration?

That I get to see an illustration I worked on in the kitchen whilst painting with my two little girls gets transformed into something that they can physically wear. Eek!!

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