Here at pink chicken we are all about prints (which you probably already know if you are reading this ;)  we design all of our print in house which makes our dresses unique and special. . . And this season we thought It would be fun to bring in one of our favorite artists to mix it up a bit!

We discovered the amazing work of Ashley Goldberg when our bedding from Land of Nod was pared with a rug she designed for them. A happy coincidence.  So when we were looking for new prints for Fall 16 we gave her a call.

Ashley has loved arts, crafts, creatures (both imaginary and real), and nature her entire life. Her artwork tends to be narrative and simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette. Ashley works across a variety of surfaces with a wide range of clients to create everything from apparel to home decor to children's furnishings.

Read below to get to know Ashley a little better!!  And check out her awesome print!  It’s one of our favorites of the season!


Q: When did you start painting?

Drawing has actually always been my first love. And some of my first memories are drawing. There hasn’t been any time in my life where making art wasn’t a daily part of it.  It’s funny that I don’t do much actual drawing. But so much of my marking making feels like drawing by way of paint. 

I’ve been painting as part of my job for 10 years. Painting still frustrates me, but I think it always will and I will always love it.


Q: what inspires your work?


It sounds simple but mostly colors, shapes, and marks. I’m often trying to capture a certain mood. I really try to limit outside influences as much as I can. I try and disconnect my brain from my hand and just create. I love that initial exploration phase. After that I turn my brain back on so to speak and evaluate and edit the work. 

If I’m creating an entire collection then it’s much more premeditated. It becomes about harmony and scale and the big picture first. And then I do a lot of exploration. 

I am constantly inspired by bits and pieces of things I see at thrift stores. That’s my go to place if I just want to brainstorm. And it’s everyone’s answer, but nature is never not one of the biggest inspirations for art.


Q: what do you like about doing collaborations?

I love so many parts of collaborations. I certainly can’t be objective about my work, so it’s fascinating to see a client’s unique vision for my work and how they make it their own and fit so perfectly with their brand. It gives me some objectivity about my work when I see it through some one else’s eyes.

I also love forming relationships with the companies I collaborate with. They are 99.9% of the time super talented and kind people and it’s a big honor that they want to work with me.


Q: what is your favorite medium to work in? 


That’s a tough one! It changes from year to year and sometimes project to project. Right now my favorite is paint. Usually black and then I adjust the colors in photoshop. My answer always used to be a good black pen.


Q: What does a typical day look like for you as a freelance artist?

Every day is a little different. I wake up and get coffee and pretty much immediately catch up on emails, or at least answer any pressing ones. From there I jump into whatever project has the earliest deadline. I am often working on three or more projects at one time. I try to give myself enough flexibility that if I am not feeling the right inspiration for one of the projects I can work on one of my other deadlines. Many days are anywhere from 10-15 hours BUT then the occasional 3 hour day happens so it sort of balances out.

I like being prolific. So if I need to make 3 patterns for a client I usually make 10-15 and then generally the extra patterns eventually find the right fit with a different client. Creating a lot of work but minimizing the wasted work is important to me.

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