Back to School Spotlight: Mamas Need Help Too! with Brittany Bollard

brittany and her daughter
Heading back to school this season will be different for everyone - including Moms! Brittany Bollard, founder of the Founded & Funded Co., is a fellow mama who knows how you feel - but has learned that magic is in the mess. She loves helping others reach their dreams through overcoming the obstacles they've created and then joining them in their celebration dances along the way.
1. How did you start your coaching and retreats? Was there something that happened to you personally that made you want to help others? After I had my second baby, I found myself in complete victim mode. I felt like the world was crumbling around me and I felt like this misfortune was a case of being dealt a bad hand - “Why me.” “Only me.” My marriage was failing, I was drowning in motherhood, our finances were a mess, I was always on a diet - I couldn’t catch a break. I attended a live event for leaders in my network marketing gig and heard from authors and keynote speakers speak life over a room of women offering them stories of redemption. And for the very first time, I was told that I can write my own story. I believed them and I was forever changed. Grateful for the women that went first and turned to reach out their hand for those that came after - I felt passionate about leading others out of their own way. I have found this has saved me in business and motherhood alike.
2. This Back to School year will be different for everyone - some excited about being back in the classroom, while some may not be. What is your advice to moms for both of these scenarios? GRACE. GRACE. GRACE. Grace for one another, despite what they choose. Grace for ourselves as we navigate this unknown. Grace for the bad days, the exhausting ones, the ones where we microwave our coffee 100 times, forget snack day (or to pick up the kids…been there haha), for the days that feel like we are drowning…grace to start over - the sun always rises again. We’ve all burnt dinner, raised our voices, counted down until’re a good mama because you’re theirs. 
3. What are you and your family most looking forward to about this BTS season? I love all things fall. I love the opportunity to spend time with my kids through experiences - back to school nights, hayrides, sports!! I’m not the get on the floor and play with legos mom - I’m the mom that loves adventure, places to go and people to see, dance parties in the kitchen. Back to school always brings new friends and new adventures!
4. What are you least looking forward to? The alarm! My kids are early risers unless they have to be somewhere…
5. Do you have any mottos or mantras that you always reference when it comes to being a mom?  I have a couple I use over and over: “If you’re not changing it you’re choosing it.” Meaning so much feels out of control as moms but fact is, we actually can make choices around how we want to raise our kids, and most times, we forget or are afraid of that power. And the other is “The magic is in the mess.” Our best days, our best moments, our best lessons, our best memories have come from within the mess. A little less curated social media and a little more real life-real love living.
6. What are some of your trusted resources and tips for moms to find mindfulness? I am a huge advocate of therapy always. Having someone actually listen to you and sort through it is so important. I can suggest all the coaches, podcasts, books - but turns out everything you need, is already in you! I also believe in having a village - maybe its a playgroup, some Instagram moms you meet, or a side hustle with some mamas - we were NEVER meant to do this alone. I think at the end of the day, the best resource we have is trust within ourselves and the safety to know we aren’t alone.
7. Being a female entrepreneur, what would your advice be to someone (particularly a mom) who is interested in pursuing their passion and starting their own business? Nothing fires me up more than mamas on a mission!! I think if something is tugging at your heart, it's our responsibility to LISTEN. What an amazing thing it is to set an example for our kids to follow our calling. If you are interested in starting a business, my best advice is to treat it as one from the start. Schedule time to work. Make the sacrifices. Know YOU (and your family) is worth it.
8. Tell us a bit about your retreats? What is the process for signing up and what should people expect from enrolling? I started Founded and Funded Co. retreats to help women just like me find the confidence and steps to move forward in their businesses. At Founded and Funded, we use a curriculum built around discovering your gifts and using them for both passion and profit - while building a brand on social media. Some other things you can expect: the industries top coaches, a branding photo shoot, branding session with a graphic designer, and private chef!! Another unexpected part (and my favorite!!) is the sisterhood you develop while sitting and dreaming and learning alongside women just like you. You can apply for our November retreat at
9. What is your favorite part about being an author, speaker and coach? The opportunity to sit in a room with other women and feel the power “me too,” the collective response to my vulnerability paving a path for other women to step into their own magic. To feel less alone in any area - business, motherhood, life- is one of the biggest gifts we can offer one another. Glennon Doyle says, “We can do hard things.” But I believe we can do hard things, but we MUST do them together.
10. Would you like to share any sneak peeks or hints on future happenings for you and your business? My last retreat for this calendar year is in November (a few seats left!) but I am working on a virtual option as well as some new locations for next year!!
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