Chickens aren't Pink, but...

A lot of you have asked, so we wanted to share with you the origins of our name, Pink Chicken!!

At the age of 3 or 4, my daughter Belle, was adamantly refusing to eat chicken.  It didn't matter how it was cooked, shaped or dipped, chicken was not getting past the plate.   Then one evening, it hit me ... Belle's favorite color was pink, uncooked chicken was pink.  What if we showed her uncooked chicken and just called it Pink Chicken?    It worked!  And from that day on, the phrase Pink Chicken became associated with triumph, motherly love and creating a unique connection with my daughter! 

Have you guys ever done something outlandish to get your kids to eat?  We'd love to hear your stories .(I die over this pic, those are my girls Belle on left and Sadie on the right in some of our first Uncooked Chicken dresses! ha!!)

When I was putting together this blog post I dug up our very first logo!   See below.  I always loved the idea of leopard mixed with vintage prints so our first logo I cut up a piece of leopard fabric with the pink loop label.   So fun to go back and look at the very beginning. It really warms my heart to see how far we have come.  And that’s thanks to you all our loyal flock for all your support over these years.  I know we say it a lot and that’s because its so true, we are grateful for you, grateful for letting us do what we love.  Nothing gives us more joy than seeing your littles in our frocks.

Next step

And then we got rid of the leopard because as cute as I thought it was to not have our name on the label everyone told me if we wanted people to know our name we should change that!

And then as we grew and added womens and evolved our look we thought the upper case letters looked for us!

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  • Creative parenting is the only way to get things done :) I once told my boys that Batman invented spinach in the batcave (which doesn’t even make sense for so many reasons!)


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