Christina & Courtney: Designers Turned Models

christina and court in their short indira dresses.
You’ve seen them on our website and on our social - but did you ever wonder what it was like to model the actual clothes that you design? Christina and Courtney share their experiences on being such an integral part of the Pink Chicken brand!
1. How long have you been designers for Pink Chicken?
Christina: I’ve designed for Pink Chicken for almost a decade! It will be 10 years in October. It’s been an incredible journey being part of such an amazing team and playing a role in the growth and success of the company.
Courtney: I have been designing for Pink Chicken for 3.5 years. 
girls in montauk
(Christina & Courtney at a shoot in Montauk.)
2. What do think is so special about the Pink Chicken brand, what makes it stand out to you?

Christina: Pink Chicken is a lifestyle brand that is truly special because our ideas are born from the heart of a small business. We put so much time and love into every detail that we design to produce a product that makes people happy. We also pride ourselves on our great quality, so our dresses can be worn over and over again and as the child grows, she can continue to wear her favorite styles as tunics!

Courtney: This brand is fun and colorful, yet sophisticated and timeless.  It inspires people to make memories and look adorable while doing it :) Kids love it, adults love it, we love it! I think all the hard work really shows through in the designs and the prints and that’s what makes it stand out.
court in the sun.
(Courtney standing out in some bright embroidery!)

3. What are some of your interests outside of the design/fashion world?

Christina: I am an accomplished runner and have completed 8 marathons and counting! I traveled to Berlin in September to run my first international marathon and that was a trip I will never forget. I’m also a huge NJ Devils hockey fan and I love to read.
christina running
(Christina in the Berlin Marathon!)

Courtney: When I am at home in Texas, I ride my horse almost everyday. It's been a passion of mine since I was really young. When Im back in New York, I love taking care of/propagating my plants in the apartment and making gardening plans for my new backyard.
Court on horse.
(Courtney and her horse, Indy!)

4. Do you have a favorite style/piece that you designed? If so, please explain what piece and why this is your fave:

Christina: It happens to be the Christina Dress! It’s a design from SS ’14 and I had the idea of extending the front placket past the bodice seam, which at the time we hadn’t done before and was fresh for us. It had a cute little ruffle at the sleeve opening and we made it in 2 combos on a soft cotton twill in a fan block print with pretty sequins added for that extra touch. My co-worker suggested we name it after me, and it’s so fitting since it’s been my favorite!

Courtney: The Indy dress from SS ’18! Its named after my horse :) and the print is my absolute favorite that we designed. It's just an easy, boho silhouette that is comfy at the beach or at brunch. 
Courtney in her Indy Dress.
 (Courtney wearing her favorite Indy Dress) 

5. How do you feel about modeling your designs?

Christina: I truly love it! Not only is it so rewarding and meaningful to model in my ideas that have come to life, but I feel so inspired and connected to the brand’s boho aesthetic because it’s my own personal style and I feel comfortable. The essence of PC also resonates with me because I love the beach!
Courtney: I love that I get to wear what I design, but also that I love wearing what I design! Showing them off to the world is pretty great when you love what you do. 

6. Did modeling coming easy to you?

Christina: I’ve been modeling for PC for over 7 years, and it does come easy because of the playful nature of the brand. I can just be myself and act natural, which makes it such a fun experience! 

Courtney: Not exactly. I really try to be comfortable in front of the camera, but it's a struggle! You are always your own harshest critic though, so I just try to turn that off. The clothes are super fun, so that’s what counts. 
(Christina in this season's Short Indira Dress)

7. What has been your most memorable moment on a photoshoot set? 

Christina: I was running on the beach in Encinitas, CA during our SS ’18 shoot and in the middle of me changing between shots, a wave crashed and pulled the dress right out of my hands so myself and the photographer’s assistant went running after it! It happened so quickly, but I managed to grab the dress before it went out to sea! It was hilarious and thinking of that moment always makes me laugh.
christina in ocean
(Christina - before she saved the dress from going out to sea!)

8. What photoshoot stands out to you as your favorite, most fun,  and/or challenging?

Christina: From the east end of Long Island in The Hamptons, to the cobblestone streets of Charleston, to the West Coast in California, they’ve all been memorable and so fun and unique in their own way. A challenge that does come to mind is balancing on a log on a cliff in Encinitas while looking at the camera and smiling all at the same time! It was also so sweet and special to model with my niece Ava when she was 1 years old (she’s almost 8 now)!
christina with Ava
(Christina modeling with her niece, Ava, at the Fall '14 shoot.)

Courtney: The SS ’20 Women's shoot! We had just had a stressful day because we weren’t sure if the camera equipment or the photographer were going to be able to make it to Encinitas, CA. All ended up well and we decided to do the women's shoot that evening since we had some time. We shot it with the ocean as the back drop and put on great music, had snacks and drinks, and just had fun with it. The pictures turned out really well!
court at the surf lodge
(Courtney behind-the-scenes at the SS '18 shoot in the Hamptons.)

9. In one word, what is Pink Chicken to you?

Christina: Happiness

Courtney: Home
girls laughing.
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