Fall Artist Collaboration: Naïma Jakimowicz

Spotlight on our friendly friends print created by artist Naïma Jakimowicz for our Fall '23 Collection. We asked Naïma about her creative process, her personal style and more. Read the full Q&A below!
 1.Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I grew up in Paris and now live in Toulouse, South of France, where the sun is shining and the croissants are delicious.
2. How long have you been drawing? It was almost the only thing I liked at school. I’ve been drawing my entire life, anytime, anywhere. It sounds a bit boring, but it’s the truth 🙂
3. How did you know you wanted to be an artist? I see myself more as a creative person than an artist. I’m good at creating things that will be used for a final purpose, like working for fashion, stationery or interior design. I really like the idea of seeing my work alive on objects.
4. How would you describe your personal style and how does this affect your work? My style is fun, naive and colored. I’m enjoying a lot when I create and I always hope to share this joy and happiness to the humans who will see my work. I draw things that matter to me: crazy nature, strong women, funny dogs.
5. Describe your most memorable moment as an artist so far? I had a carte blanche with a big kid brand in France. I could create from scratch a full collection following my artistic vision. I worked on the patterns obviously, but also on the garments, thinking of the shapes, materials and colors. This collection really represents my creative vision and I’m so happy about it. Also, the sales went well and I can sometimes pass by kids that wear my clothes on the streets which is a super nice and cute reward.   
6. What has been your biggest struggle as an artist so far? I’m grateful for not struggling with my art; fortunately I have tons of ideas and always good motivation. I think the difficult part is the administration. Running a small business can be tough, like doing accountability, the commercial part, staying active on social media, being super wise with money, making the right decisions about investments. I see how it can be fragile and I’m always super careful. I would loooove to draw all day long while listening to nice podcasts or music, but hey, it’s also a business. I’m super proud I’m able to live from it. 
7. How did your collaboration with PC come about? How would you describe the experience?  The project PC came to me with was really cool and immediately got my ideas flowing. I loved creating this repeat pattern with little girls, staying close like they were supporting each other. I was happy to draw girls from different places with different skin colors. It’s important to me to be inclusive. The result is strong and colored. I’m very happy with it.
8. How do you feel about seeing your prints on clothing? It is so coooooool!!! I enjoy it so much. This summer I was walking around a small village in the mountains. I saw a little girl playing and I said to her "Oh I love your dress! The pattern is super cute." Then I stopped and said, "I think it ‘s mine! I drew these flowers!"
Shop the Friends print and the rest of the Fall '23 Collection here
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