Fall Flock Stars - Meet Sisters Zoey & Phoebe

Happy Fall - Meet Zoey & Phoebe!
1. Names & Ages: Zoey (5), Phoebe (2)
2.  Hometown: Bentonville, Arkansas
3. Tell us about your relationship as sisters: Truly best friends, but their personalities couldn’t be more different (maybe why they get along so much)
4. Hobbies & Interests: Playing at the park, swimming at the lake, ballet and tap dance, playing with their puppies Pearl and Pepper
5.  When and how did you discover Pink Chicken? We discovered this brand at our favorite Bentonville small business, Southern Style. They know us well there and will always tell us when new arrivals hit the shelves :)
6.  Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own: This is a tough question! We received so many compliments on our swimsuits over the summer… we loved the carnation T-Rex and the Blue Dachshunds. The Zapata girls love anything with animals on them!
7.  Favorite piece from the Fall ‘22 Back to School Collection: We LOVE our dogs, Pearl & Pepper. The dog park dress was an instant favorite as Phoebe loves to practice her bark, “Woof, woof!"
8. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? What is the brand to you? We love the fun, whimsical designs and styles of PC. When we think of the PC brand, it’s elevated, premium quality and refreshingly original. And the designs capture the best parts of being a kid. When shopping PC, we definitely get that boutique vibe and know the girls are wearing something unique and not available just anywhere. 

9. Feelings on being our Fall '22 Flock Stars: Flattered and grateful for the opportunity. 
10. What is a typical weekend like in your city? Enjoying lake adventures at beautiful Beaver Lake, riding scooters through the neighborhood, and playing with the dogs. 
11. Favorite Sights/Spots/Attractions: Crystal Bridges Museum, Scott Family Amazeum, Climb Bentonville, Bentonville Farmer’s Market, Thaden Field, Railyard Park, Arkansas Razorback Stadium
12. Favorite Back to School/Fall activities:  Exploring the outdoors, tailgating (Woo Pig Sooie!), playing in the leaves, trick-or-treating with the cousins and grandparents
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