FLOCK STAR: California Dreamin' with Luna

Luna stands in front of the New Childrens Museum in downtown San Diego!

Meet Luna!

1. Names: Caroline de la Pena & Luna (age 5)

2. Hometown: La Jolla, CA

3. Hobbies & interests: We just moved to San Diego from Brooklyn, NY 6 months ago, so we’re still getting the routines down. Luna started Kindergarten, so most of her time is spent in school, playing with her little brother (20 months), and exploring our new city. She loves books, learning to roller skate and she just joined the Girl Scouts!

4. How did you discover Pink Chicken? Luna’s grandmother bought us her first wardrobe of Pink Chicken when she was born. There are a few boutiques that carry PC in Brooklyn, and one piece in particular became one of our all-time favorites—the pink ice cream cone print dress. I’ve kept that dress because I cannot bear to part with it. 

5. What is your favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Luna: The Lobster Dress because its pink and red - and my favorite colors are pink and red!

6. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? We love the fun prints, comfortable fabrics, and timeless styles. They are so versatile—from play to party—and they are incredibly durable, surviving merciless playground wear and repeat washing. The boho look is one I’ve always loved, and Luna never “ages” out of the clothes—even when the dresses get short, I throw some jeans or leggings underneath and let her wear them as tunics. She loves her collection of dresses and is excited every morning to pick one to wear.

7. Feelings on being our first Flock Star of 2020?! Luna: I feel very special and SO excited!

Luna reading in her Arianna Dress with bright embroidery.


1. How does Luna spend her weekends in San Diego? We love to walk to the local coffee shop, Wayfarer, and buy pastries, then head over to this little park over-looking the ocean and drink coffee. We also like to drive up the coast to North County where we have breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Ki’s, and go play by the ocean. As native east coasters, we’re still getting used to the wonder of being able to be outside year round!

2. How do you feel about wearing PC in your new city? The best part about trading the east coast for the west is the weather! Being able to wear her Pink Chicken dresses and bathing suits pretty much throughout the year is AMAZING. She gets so many compliments on her outfits and it really brightens her day.

3. Any other tidbits or stories that you would like to share? My husband usually leaves me in charge of all the clothing shopping for the kids, but he has grown very fond of Pink Chicken too. This past summer, he took Luna on a daddy/daughter date in NYC and l sent her off in the lobster print dress that was her current favorite. She came home in an entirely different Pink Chicken outfit and my husband confessed that he took her to a boutique and let her pick out anything she wanted. I loved that they had their own little Pink Chicken moment too. Luna refers to that dress as “daddy’s dress.”
Luna wearing her Arianna Dress in front of a chalk board.
Luna wearing her Arianna Dress in front of the water.
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