FLOCK STAR: Home for the Holidays with Roey

Roey smiles in her Holiday Kit Dress.

This holiday season, we are headed to Columbia, SC - hometown of our latest Flock Star, 3-year-old Roey Floyd! 

1. Names: Maxine Floyd & Roey London Floyd (age 3)

2. Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

3. Hobbies and interests: Dancing, ballet and tap, painting, playing dress-up and make-believe, climbing trees in the backyard, riding balance bike, going to the park and zoo, playing with my brother, dogs and chickens

4. How did you discover Pink Chicken: We found it at our local boutique, and fell in love!

5. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? How did you feel wearing our special Holiday dress? My favorite is my multicolored chicken print bloomer and tie-back top. I loved wearing the Christmas Tree dress! My favorite part was getting to twirl in it! That’s how I pick all my favorite dresses - by how well I can twirl in them.

6. Why do you continue to wear the Pink Chicken brand? Because the collections are so unique. Roey always feels special and fancy wearing them.

7. Feelings on being our Holiday Flock Star? I loved it! I want to do it again ☺️

Roey holding her pet chicken!


1. How does Roey like to spend a weekend in Columbia? She loves going to Soda City (an outdoor market) on Main Street downtown. She also loves playing outside with her brother and friends and with our dogs and chickens. 

2. Tell us about some of your favorite sights/spots/attractions? Roey loves Soda City, the zoo, strawberry farms in the spring, and her grandparents’ farm.

3. We know you have chickens, tell us about how they came to be a part of your family? We originally got chickens so we could have organic free range eggs every day, but they ended up being the most fun pets! We ordered them from a hatchery in Ohio and they came in the mail as day-old chicks. 

4. What are your favorite winter activities in Columbia, SC? Any Holiday traditions that you look forward to? This year Roey will be going to see the Nutcracker for the first time and will get to go to a tea party with the ballerinas before it starts! She loves seeing Santa at the zoo and driving around looking at all the Christmas lights. We love baking cookies with Mimi and brother too!

5. What's at the top of your Christmas List this year? I want a (real) baby kitty for Christmas!

6.  Any other tidbits or stories that you would like to share? Roey absolutely loves babies and all animals. We even call her “The Chicken Whisperer” because the chickens adore her & favor her over anyone else!

Roey twirling in her Kit Dress.

Roey climbing trees in her backyard.
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