FLOCK STAR: Meet Lilla - Then & Now!

lilla on the beach
Meet Lilla - Then & Now!
1. Names: Wallis and Lillian “Lilla” LeMasurier (age 8)
2. Hometown: Charleston, SC
3. Hobbies & interests: Lilla doesn’t like to waste a minute and enjoys ballet, hip hop, basketball, swimming, and surfing.  She absolutely adores spending time with her family, especially her dog, Ellis, and kitty cat, Lulu. She is most happy when she has a play date or, even better, a sleepover party! We travel lots as a family and she seems to have fun no matter where we are headed...she is up for any adventure, anytime.
4. When and how did you discover Pink Chicken? My daughter, Lilla, has worn Pink Chicken all of her life as we were graciously given hand-me-downs from my best friend's first baby girl.  She discovered the line at the coolest kids clothing store, Juice, in our hometown of Hartsville, SC. I instantly knew this line was so special and have continued to fill her closet with Pink Chicken through the years.
Lilla at 11 Months
5. Why does Pink Chicken appeal to you? It is the most adorable, unique line that has such appeal to all, yet is able to make each girl that is lucky enough to wear it look beautiful in their own way. I have loved watching Lilla develop her own sense of style and become confident in expressing herself through fashion.
6. What is your favorite Pink Chicken piece you have ever owned? Lilla: My favorite piece of all time was the yummy ice cream dress that I ate sweets in all summer!
eating ice cream
7. What is your favorite piece from the current collection? Lilla: My family thinks that I may be part mermaid, so bathing suits are always my favorite! I love the Carrie-Cut-Out Suit because it has sea creatures and waves on it.
lilla on a surfboard
8. Feelings on being featured as a Flock Star?! We had such fun looking through our family pictures together, taking us back fondly through each stage wearing her favorite clothes through all our adventures and memories we have made over her eight years! Lilla is thrilled and honored to be featured wearing PC, the line that pairs perfectly with her playful, free, adventurous spirit.
lilla on her 6th birthday.
9. How have your summer plans changed due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders?  Summer is the time that we travel most and we had several trips planned that were cancelled because we were reluctant to fly. We are so lucky in that Charleston is a place that makes us feel like we are on permanent vacation. We have always been grateful to call Charleston home, but the pandemic has taken our gratitude and appreciation to a whole new level, for sure! To us, the beach is a place to go and let all our worries stay behind. With the children not having to physically be at school, we spent more time this spring and summer than we ever have at our family beach houses with the people we love the most. The change of scenery, even without our typical beach activities like put-put golf and trips to the arcade, was an absolute sanity saver for us all!
playing put put golf
10. Anything else you would like to share on staying home and staying positive? The conversations that we have had with our children about what is going on in the world have been extremely difficult. They cant understand why all of this is happening, but we talk to them about it all. If nothing else, we hope they learn to be free thinkers that lead with their hearts and always stand up for what is right, even when it's not popular. Our family motto is “be kind, use your manners, work hard, and try your best.” We are all in this together!
in her guitar dress
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