FLOCK STAR: Smile with Gabby

gabby laughing and smiling
Meet Gabby!
1. Names: Teila Norris & Gabby (age 5)

2. Hometown: Biddeford, Maine

3. Hobbies & interests: Gabby loves mermaids and princesses, especially Ariel! She also enjoys ballet class, horseback riding and various outdoor adventures on the weekend.

4. Please tell us a bit about your "new normal": It is continually changing. Something that works one day might not work the next. We are just understanding that this is new and different for all of us and we try to laugh and breathe it out when at all possible.

5. What is your experience with virtual learning? We have been doing Zoom circle time with Gabby's head teacher at school. She loves seeing all of her friends on the screen, she really lights up! Gabby has Apraxia (an acquired oral motor speech disorder), so she also gets speech and OT a couple times a week via Zoom as well. 

gabby sitting.


6. Feelings on being a Flock Star? It's such a great opportunity that we got to represent Pink Chicken and our city of Biddeford. Gabby is such a fun loving and outgoing girl, her smile is infectious and I hope everyone takes a moment to smile.

7. What is the Pink Chicken brand to you? The quality of Pink Chicken’s clothes - you can’t beat it.  They last and clean so well, and we are able to hand them down to friends and family to enjoy as well. The clothing is casual, but dressy and you’re ready for whatever, no matter the weather!

8. Anything else you would like to share about your thoughts on social distancing, staying home and staying positive?  These are times most have never lived through, we need to be smart and listen to the guidance given to us. If you can help a neighbor / family / friend from a distance, then do it. A smile goes a long way. Sometimes people just need a little sunshine to brighten their day.

gabby jumping.

(photography by Bear & Pineapple Photography)

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