FLOCK STAR: Violet's Winter Sparkle

Violet stands with her Baby Amma Dress. Mermaid Print.

Meet our Winter Flock Star, Violet, from Cincinnati, OH!

1. Names: Mandy Shoemaker & Violet Grace Healey (13 months)

2. Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

3. Hobbies & interests: Her puppy dog Tuxedo (he goes by Tux and is on Instagram as @Tuxthepugmix), food (any and all), musical toys (especially tambourines and bells), not wearing shoes or socks, Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Jr.

4. How did you discover Pink Chicken? The dog print caught our eye when Violet was just 2 months old. We have since been thrilled to amass a stash of whimsical duds since then including the Princess Diana swimsuit in the dessert print by Caitlin McGauley (a staple for indoor swim lessons that garnered rave reviews from the collegiate lifeguards), lame leggings in a variety of colors, and the go-to bubble style that allows for ladylike play with full coverage.

5. What is your favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Our new pink furry coat that’s just a smidge too long in the arms. We’re counting down the days until it fits!

6. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? Pink Chicken is high quality clothing with universal appeal. The prints and styles are flattering and work well in cold and warm weather. We’ve had endless compliments on our style, and you can tell by Violet’s smile that she feels like a star when she’s looking her best.

7. Feelings on being our Winter Flock Star?! So excited to be featured during our FAVORITE season to layer leggings under dresses and throw on warm, cuddly coats. 

Violet smiles on the couch in her Amma Dress.


1. How does Violet spend her weekends in Cincinnati? Definitely not napping! She enjoys trying local food now that she can eat solids (especially Cincinnati-style chili – a little sweet, like Violet), visiting the Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium in nearby Newport, Kentucky and checking out every craft show with her mom on weekends.

2. What are your favorite wintertime traditions? Violet was born premature in November 2018, so this will be her first winter she will be able to be outdoors (cautious first-time parent here!). We’re excited that she has already enjoyed decorating for the holidays, eating warm food and feeling the wind in her hair during her evening walks with dad and Tuxedo.

3.  Any other tidbits or stories that you would like to share? Violet has had an exciting first year full of extra attention and support! She was born over a month premature and required a DOC Band to correct brachycephaly during the first half of her life. She was recommended for physical therapy due to a slight gross motor delay (we lovingly refer to it as a preference for crawling “like Tux”) and through it all she is the most cheerful, giggly, loving little girl. I think she represents being thankful for every day and being fully present in every delightful moment. We are incredibly thankful to the amazing people and services we’ve received at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Cranial Technologies. 

Violet sits outside in her fur bomber and Amma Dress.

Violet shows off her Amma Dress and dog photos.
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