FLOCK STARS: Meet Miller & Margot

Flock stars miller and margot dance their hearts out in downtown huntsville in their Pink Chicken frocks.

Growing up together in Huntsville, AL, the girls “bop around town” and “dance their hearts out” in their favorite Pink Chicken frocks!
Meet Miller and Margot...

1. Names: Miller & Margot, Ages: 3

2. Hometown:
Huntsville, AL

3. Hobbies & interests:  Kitty: Margot loves riding her bicycle, her jellycat bunnies Lemon & Kiwi, popsicles, and dance class. Lenox: Miller loves princesses (especially Belle) and playing dress up. She loves her “bunny” who never leaves her arms - a gift from Margot on her baptism day.

4. Tell us a little bit about how Miller & Margot became besties?  Margot and Miller met through a “playgroup” when they were a few weeks old.  Mommies and babies were instant besties!

5. How did you discover Pink Chicken?  Lenox: I received 3 different PC outfits from friends at my baby shower before Miller was born and loved them all. It became our go to brand before she was even born! Kitty: Lenox introduced Pink Chicken to me when Margot was a baby, I fell in love with your fun pieces.

6. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Favorite piece or print from the Fall Collection
Lenox: Favorite piece of all time is the Simran Jumper in Pink Jacquard!  The Vera and Ava Bella dresses are some adored pieces from the Fall Collection!

7. Why do you continue to wear the Pink Chicken brand? We love the boho look on little girls. Not only are Pink Chicken clothes cute, they are wearable so kids can play!

8. Feelings on being our next Flock Stars!?  Lenox: We were so thrilled! We wear Pink Chicken and bop around town on a regular basis so it was so fun to pick out a new dress and spend an afternoon taking pics with our friends! Kitty: What an honor! We always get so many compliments on our Pink Chicken clothing, so this is icing on the cake.

Mller and Margot eat ice cream and feed ducks in the park while wearing their Fall Pink Chicken dresses.


1. How do the girls like to spend a weekend afternoon in Huntsville?  We have the best group of friends and most have babies around the same age! We usually rotate houses and grill and watch football.

2. Tell us about some sights/spots/attractions?  In Huntsville, we’re known for our space (NASA) program. The Space & Rocket Center is a huge attraction, but we’re loving Stovehouse, an outdoor venue with restaurants, entertainment space (so the girls can dance their hearts out), and shopping.  Downtown Huntsville is always a fun place to take the girls to.  They love a special treat of feeding the ducks, eating pizza & ice cream.

3. What is their favorite ice cream flavor?  Kitty: Definitely strawberry for these two girls, or anything pink. Lenox: Strawberry was a quick and unanimous choice!

4. How will you celebrate Miller’s 3rd birthday party in Huntsville?  A princess party!

Miller and Margot pose in front of the Welcome to Huntsville sign!
We always love hearing from our customers - please be sure to tell us your stories and tag us in your PC frocks @pinkchickenny to be featured!
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