FLOCK STARS: Meet Ruby & Stella!

Meet Ruby & Stella!
1. Names: Brandi, Ruby (age 4) and Stella Betterton (age 2)
2. Hometown: Madison, MS
3. Hobbies & interests: Ruby just learned to ride her bike without training wheels, so she is loving to ride her bike as much as possible. Stella also loves riding her balance bike and trying to keep up with Ruby. Both love being outside; they love chalk art in the driveway, playing with bubbles, playing with water toys, swimming,  and making s’mores over the fire pit in the evenings. We also love to turn on Trolls Radio on Pandora and have singing/dancing parties to our favorite “jams”. 
4. Sister, Sister: Ruby is becoming a great big sister, acting as a protector of Stella and looking out for her. Stella just wants to do everything her big sister does. It is so sweet when I will hear her say, “Ruby, will you help me?”. I grew up as an only child and always wished I had a sister. I am so thankful my girls have each other, and I am going to do everything I can to foster their relationship. I know there will be times when they are going to fight like typical sisters (probably during the teenage years, yikes!) but my hope and prayer for them is they consider each other their best friend.  
standing by a fountain
5. What is the Pink Chicken brand to you? Pink Chicken fits their (my) personalities better than traditional children’s fashion. The unique, happy prints and Boho styles help them stand out in a crowd of smocked dresses and ruffles. I’ve always loved the beach and the easy-going, laid-back atmosphere it represents and hope my girls will be beach lovers too. Pink Chicken fashion embodies that culture best to me, and I love seeing my girls in the line. I can tell they feel so confident when they like what they are wearing, even at such a young age. I have also loved following PC on social media and seeing other moms share pictures of their cuties wearing the brand. It feels like a special little club and it is fun sharing the camaraderie. It also makes me feel good to invest in a brand that is socially conscious and has a philanthropic spirit.  
by the water
6. What are your thoughts on staying home and staying positive? We have no choice but to slow down from our usual lives, and if we choose, to use this time to appreciate our families in ways we usually wouldn’t. I have been reminded that our children want our time more than any material thing, and I know I will remember this as the time when I got to spend so many special moments with my girls that I wouldn’t normally get to spend. That has made every missed paycheck worth it!
flying a kite
7. Have you put together a schedule, or "new normal?" Our mornings start with  some sort of educational activity and crafting time. Then outside for biking and/or chalk art. Lunch, naps then more biking or getting in the pool. Dinner then more time outside until dusk. We squeeze every minute out of the day! 
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