Happy 10 Years, Christina!

Christina - 10 Years
This month marks Christina’s 10 year anniversary at Pink Chicken! She has been by my side through so many ups & downs, and her dedication, hard work, creativity and commitment has been constant. To find someone to share in your passion is truly priceless. Please join me in celebrating her huge milestone!
We asked Christina to share her top 10 PC Moments, read about them below!
1. Office Polaroid: During my first year at PC in 2009, “We bought a vintage polaroid camera for a photoshoot and my co-worker took this impromptu shot of me while I was fitting samples to test if the camera was working. It’s been on my desk ever since and is my favorite picture of me in my element at work!”
2. PC in Miami: This was the very first time I wore my design while on a trip to Miami back in 2010. “I remember feeling so happy to be wearing PC proudly!

3. Trade Show Setups: Our trade shows & photoshoots are very hands-on since we are such a small company. "We used to have to lug all of our stuff to and from the office to set up our booth at the Children’s Club Trade Show whether it was at the Javits Center or the Piers. It turned into a balancing act to see how much we could fit on a rack, and I think I mastered it!”

4. Modeling Through the Years: Christina has been modeling for PC for over 7 years. “From the east end of Long Island in The Hamptons, to the cobblestone streets of Charleston, to the West Coast in California, I have loved modeling for PC over the years because of the playful nature of the brand. I can just be myself and act natural, which makes it such a fun experience! Not only is it so rewarding and meaningful to model in my ideas that have come to life, but I feel so inspired and connected to the brand’s boho aesthetic because it’s my own personal style and I feel comfortable.”

(photos above: Spring 2015 photoshoot, in Hampton's Magazine, on a beach in Encinitas, CA for a 2018 photoshoot)

5. Modeling with niece, Ava: “It was so sweet and special to model with my niece Ava when she was 1 years old (she’s 8 now)! She modeled in the very first bubble I designed called the Bernadette Bubble. Baby has always been my favorite age group to design and this was the start of me wanting to put everything into a bubble!”

 6. Zucc, Her Furry Sidekick: Christina has been watching Zucc, Stacey’s dog for over 5 years since he was a puppy and is his second mama! They have a strong bond and over the years you would always see him chilling/sleeping on Christina’s desk as you can see in this collage. “We are best buddies! He loves to sit on my desk, whether it’s on my keyboard or on any samples I’m fitting and drink out of my water cup! He will literally give me a look and then stare up at my desk when he wants me to pick him up and put him there. Then he springs from my hands onto my desk, he’s so funny! It still cracks me up even so many years later.”

7. The Christina Dress: “There have been so many good ones over the years and styles that I am proud of, but if I had to pick one that really stands out to me it happens to be the Christina dress! It’s a design from SS ’14 and I had the idea of extending the front placket past the bodice seam, which at the time we hadn’t done before and was fresh for us. It had a cute little ruffle at the sleeve opening and we made it in 2 color combos (one in a coral pink as pictured & the other in purple) on a soft cotton twill in a fan block print with pretty sequins added for that extra touch. The style, print, colors and fabric all really came together to make such a beautiful dress. My co-worker suggested we name it after me and it’s so fitting since it’s been my favorite!”

8. Store Openings: “Before we had our big store in Amagansett, we rented a space in another shop. My sister, friend and I went to visit, and I remember being so proud to show them all of the racks filled with clothes I designed.”

9. Donating to Colombia: Christina is first generation Colombian- American from Bogotá where her mother was born & raised before moving to the U.S. to attend college. “In 2014, when we were putting boxes together to donate, I immediately thought of Colombia & the faces of the indingent children I remember seeing as a young girl. Luckily, 2 amazing women gave us the opportunity to give back to such an amazing country for many years.” 

10. Trip to India: “Traveling to India with Court & Gab was an unforgettable experience and I’m so grateful for it. The beautiful textiles and embroideries were inspiring, and having the opportunity to see our clothes being sewn in person and learn about the process was amazing. It was a trip I will never forget!”


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