Happy Mother's Day, Flock!

mothers day '23
This Mother's Day, we toast to all!
You, your mom, a friend's mom, mother-in-law, dog moms and any other important mother figure in your life! To those that have lost, and to those that are struggling.
I hope you are able to relax and surround yourself with the people that make you the happiest.
Sending so much love and gratitude always.
Xo, Stacey
MEET A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE MOM'S FROM THE FLOCK: Dana, PC COO // Allison, a longtime PC customer // Becca, PC Web Designer
1. How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?
Dana: An afternoon in the city! Brunch, Central Park and visiting with family.
Allison: My girls are performing this weekend in six Peter Pan Broadway Junior shows through the Musical Theater Center. They debut in starring roles as Captain Hook (Marann) and Tinkerbell (James). They are crazy in love with musical theater and my husband and I really enjoy watching their confidence grow through this magical experience.
Becca: This year my parents will be visiting with us for the week, so we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with them as well as my in-laws. It’s not often we get everyone together, so that in and of itself will make this year special.
dana, coo
2. How do you balance being a busy, working mom with young kids?
Dana: I love working as much as I love my family time, so being able to do both is when I'm most fulfilled. I try my best to be fully present in the moment. When I'm at work I focus on the team and the business, and when I'm home I try to give the kids my full attention. At the end of the day, you have to celebrate the small wins and enjoy the journey. When you come up for air you realize that you're exactly where you're supposed to be.
Becca: Having 3 kids under 6 while running a business isn’t easy, but I started Skye High when Avery (our oldest) was 6 months old, so we’ve certainly learned a lot within the past 6 years! Our secret to balance is in our partnership. Most days it’s a balancing act of my husband making us lunch while I take a client call, or me playing with the baby while he gets through some emails, but whatever the case, we are in constant communication. We’re lucky to have that flexibility to ebb and flow with each other depending on what the other person needs, but it’s also a lesson in checking in with yourself and being honest about what you need more of — whether it’s that yoga class, lunch with a friend, or an extra uninterrupted hour after school to get work done.
3. Allison, you and your family have been long-time customers of Pink Chicken, mostly shopping at our Charleston shop over the years. What made you keep coming back? Do you have a favorite print or style from past collections? 
Allison: Let’s admit it… little girls are just fun to shop for! My sister-in-law and I have six girls between us all very close in age. I can remember from the time the first two were very little, my mother-in-law would take us downtown each season to pick out matching outfits for the girls. Now those two girls are 10! Rebecca, long-time manager of the Charleston store, always made our visits extra special with her charming wit and amazing customer service. Pink Chicken has always been my go to for every occasion for the girls. From Easter to Christmas, to everyday play and exploration, they are a one stop shop. The clothes are incredibly well made and it always brings me such joy to see something once worn by my oldest on my sister’s little girl who is now 3. The girls also love to tag along on my trips downtown as the store is a bit like a wonderland for them, carefully curated with the cutest gifts and accessories… I don’t think we have ever left empty handed.
pink chicken through the years
4. What has been your proudest moment as a mom? And your biggest struggle?
Dana: The proudest moments are when I see my kids being kind to others or the smile on their faces when they try something new and succeed. You question all the time if you're raising good kids, and those small moments are so reassuring and rewarding. The biggest struggle for me has been figuring out my identity as a mom and letting go of a previous life and expectations. It's an exciting opportunity to be able to reinvent yourself, but it takes a lot of consistent hard work.
Becca: When I think of my children, I’m incredibly proud. I’m proud of them using their voices, showing bravery in difficult situations, being leaders yet also good listeners, or being vulnerable and asking for help. But man, every day sure has its struggles! Trying to finish work with someone screaming in my ear repeatedly for a snack…this one won’t eat anything now but cheese, that one just went through a biting phase (thank goodness it didn’t last long!). It’s all a trip, but then I remember — this “season” will pass. The days are long, but the years sure do fly by!
becca and kids
5. Allison, you recently modeled for our Mommy & Me photoshoot with your daughter James - what was your most memorable moment from doing that shoot together?
Allison: James loves the camera! A natural when it comes to having her picture taken, she cracks me up the way she takes charge in a photoshoot. She was so excited when she found out that I was going to be a part of this last shoot. Just before we met with the photographer, she was fixing my hair and straightening the ties on my dress and I just remember thinking what a sweet moment it was with my budding fashion designer daughter. Babies don’t keep… I know I will cherish that experience and the precious photos forever.
mommy and me
6. What is your favorite Mommy & Me look from the current Spring/Summer Collections?
Dana:  It's so hard to pick! I love the lavender marigold and faded stripe from the Maisonette collaboration and the posey block prints from Spring.
Allison: My favorite would have to be the Silk Indira Dress in Magenta Green Tie Dye. The colors in this dress are stellar! The perfect dress for Spring/Summer occasions and/or trips to the beach and pool.
Becca: Avery and I both love the Blue Cornflower pattern! We share a love of teal and flowers, and the combination is just so striking! Avery loves the print and the green bow detail in the back, and I love how the dress is easy to wear as a casual beach coverup as well as a more refined look while out and about during the day.
Shop our Mommy & Me Collection here!
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