I’ve Got the Music in Me: AVA

Pink Chicken Holiday Graphic Design


Be it the jingle of a sleigh bell or a new version of a classic holiday song, music has a way of making us feel merry!

Our shared love for seasonal tunes inspired us to create our very first Pink Chicken Holiday playlist and kick off the season with some inspiring performances by some of the young members of our flock. 

Please meet Ava!  She is an 8 year old supreme violinist.   I first insta-met Ava when her mom tagged us in one of her photos wearing pink chicken.  One hour later I had completely fallen in love with this talented little girl as I listened to so many of her beautiful performances.   I think you will fall in love too!   Read and listen! Below!



Name: Ava Pakiam

Age: 8

When did you first becoming interested in playing the violin? I started asking to play violin at age 3 and then began lessons at age 4!

How does playing music make you feel? Music makes me feel excited, grateful, and fantastic.

Who is your favorite band/singer? The Beatles!

Favorite part of being a kid? Sunday Funday!


  • toy? Nom noms!
  • Snack? Pretzels and hummus
  • Activity? Musical chairs
  • Color? Teal
  • Food? Calamari

Tell us something special about yourself? I am a great violinist!

Favorite Holiday tradition? My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies!

What is your favorite thing about the dress you are wearing?


What is your favorite thing about Pink Chicken?

I love the patterns and I love the nutcrackers on my holiday dress!


Pink Chicken customer performing at a violin concert in white dress


Also if you have an interest in getting your child started down a musical path, check out this awesome company i just learned about, Blue Balloon.

Blue Balloon teaches in-home private and small group instrument lessons through songwriting to kids 3 and up in NYC, The Hamptons and Nashville. Blue Balloon’s unique methods and unparalleled roster of teachers make learning music through songwriting a joyful experience for the whole family.


Pink Chicken customer sitting with her violin

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  • Thank you! Beautiful post! Where could I learn more about Blue Baloon ?
    Thank you


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