In Honor of Mother's Day, Meet Our Rockstar Mamas!

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked our community to nominate a rockstar mama in their life - meet the inspiring women below!
Anne-Marie (nominated by her sister, Audrey):
"I cannot think of anyone more deserving of recognition than my sister. The impact she's made on my family, her children, and myself is immeasurable. Even with the heartbreaking loss of our own mother 10 years ago, through her example, she is still teaching me invaluable lessons about love, strength, and she is everything I aspire to be one day when I'm a mom."
Q: What is your favorite way to spend the day with your family?
A: We love doing activities, whether it’s going on the boat, beach, pool, playground. We are always active and out and about!
Q: How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?
A: Going to the zoo! A tradition my mom had with my brother, sister and I on Mother’s Day!
Kalpana (nominated by her daughter, Nisha):
"Despite so much grief and loss in her life, what truly sets my mother apart is her capacity for unconditional love and her unwavering commitment to instilling values of compassion, courage, and integrity in her children. She leads by example, radiating positivity and living each day to the fullest, inspiring me to aspire to do the same for my daughter!"
Q: What is your favorite way to spend the day with your family?
A: I love spending quality time with my family by heading out for some shopping adventures and exploring different cuisines together.
Q: How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?
A: I am planning to relax with my family & make homemade pizzas. It's a fun way to celebrate, just enjoying each other's company and creating memories at home.
Tanya (nominated by her cousin, Vita):
"At 26 and shortly after becoming a first time mom, Tanya was diagnosed with end stage heart failure. Finding a new heart for her was less than 1% chance, but thankfully, just in time, a perfect match was found! All I can say is I'm so grateful to God for sparing her life. Her journey in motherhood has not been easy, but through it all she remains a pure joy."
Q: What is your favorite way to spend the day with your family?
A: I love to spend a typical day outside with my family and do yard work, prepare food for the grill, and enjoy nature!
Q: How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?
A: We will probably go to a restaurant to celebrate with some yummy dessert of course! I am also looking forward to visit our local tulip festival.
Katie (nominated by her friend, Julie):
"Katie is always putting others before herself and is the first to lend a hand or an ear when someone is in need. Katie has been battling breast cancer since October and just finished 16 rounds of chemo. She has been responding really well so far but she still has a long road ahead with surgeries and radiation. She is an amazing person and an amazing mom to her adorable 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son and she deserves to be recognized!"
Q: What is your favorite way to spend the day with your family?
A: My favorite way to spend time with my family is always a day of fun together. We love to wake up on Saturday, and make pancakes to eat in our pajamas. Then we enjoy picking an adventure for the day like visiting one of the amazing landmarks in DC, Great Falls Park, or a local playground and meeting friends for lunch. Saturday night we love a family movie night with pizza.
Q: How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?
A: Unfortunately, this Mother’s Day will look a little different for us as I will be recovering from a mastectomy. Instead of a day out, I imagine I will be looking forward to breakfast in bed, and cuddles with my family on the couch.
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