Meet our Team!

I have the most amazing team (family really) who I work with here at Pink Chicken and I really want you to get to know them!

When I started Pink Chicken it was to have a creative outlet for my love of vintage textiles and children’s clothing using my baby girls as my muses. I imagined that would be fulfilling  . . . what I didn’t expect was how fulfilled I would be from this amazing little team we have created. They are a small group of the most talented, committed, passionate and dedicated people I know and I am so lucky.  I know that.

When you have a small company everyone you hire is critical. Each person has 10 jobs and lots and lots of multi tasking. I was laughing the other day because someone reached out to me on Linked In and asked, “Who do I contact for marketing?” . . . and I said me; also for design, mail room, production, HR, etc! It’s like that for everyone here. We all pitch in on whatever is needed and that’s pretty great. Everyone has a roll up your sleeves, whatever it takes attitude.

I can leave early for dance pickup (Sadie) or a basketball game (Belle) and know without a doubt they are holding down the fort (coop:)

It makes me proud to think about the progress each team-member has made over the years. Here’s a little roster of the flock.




6 ½ years. Starting as an Assistant Designer and is now Senior Designer!

1/ I have been passionate about designing clothing ever since I was a young girl & played dress up with my Abuelita. Her collection of fashion was a capsule of both time & culture, combining decades of international style.

2/ I’m an avid runner & marathoner. Running has always provided me with a sense of relaxation amid this crazy life.

3/ I love summer & the beach! nothing beats being sun kissed, eating king crab legs & wearing flip flops with any outfit.

4/ Zuccy is my buddy. I love watching him while Stacey is away!



4 years. Gabrielle started as an intern helping out with samples sales. Then she moved to working in our NYC store to now she runs ecomm, wholesale and customer service, oh and production too!!!!  

1/ I love making sure our website is always looking fresh and running smoothly.

2/ Gianlu’s mama. He is my first ever dog. I had wanted one since before I can remember. I realized I wanted a boston terrier during my study abroad semester in Florence - the inspiration for his name.

3/ I have tap danced since high school. I always want to be surrounded by family and friends but this is my one “me time” thing.

4/ Bachelor/Bachelorette connoisseur. I can tell you anything and everything about who’s dating who in bachelor nation.



10 months so far  (jumping in where Paige left off who got married and moved to Denver) as Associate Designer for Kids and Womens

1/ my career as a fashion designer has taken me from my Home in Texas, to Paris, and now to New York!

2/ I love riding horses. I have a gorgeous/crazy horse named Indy back in Texas. 

3/ I do gymnastics to stay in shape and keep up my back flip

4/ cotton candy and gummy bears are my weakness.



She’s been our incredible Wholesale rep for 5 years!

1/ I love sports

2/ I dream of being a crazy cat lady, but my building doesn’t allow pets

3/ I cannot get enough Bravo and HGTV

4/ My family is the craziest, most fun, full of love, group of people I know



She started a few months ago in this newly created role as Wholesale Assistant.

1/ I enjoy long walks in the park with my cat, Dewey Cobain

2/ My Mom’s my best friend, shopping gets us in trouble 

3/ I collect Babushka Dolls 

4/ I can eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life



3 years - Our trusty bookkeeper whom we love

How to make Albert happy?

1/ give him a weekend away with his wife Kathy and two (crazed but lovable) teenagers, Louis and Grace

2/ hand him a guitar 🎸

3/ hand him a bike 🚴

4/ give him the opportunity to work with the awesome crew at pink chicken!


 And… Laurel

She made a brave move 5 years ago from Madison, WI to Madison Avenue to be our assistant manager there and is now the retail coordinator for all 4 of our stores!

1/ From Madison, WI to Madison Avenue...I bring a bit of the Midwest to Pink Chicken

2/ My favorite part of my job is sourcing awesome new products to bring life and color to our stores

3/ I am a huge animal lover and my apartment serves as a sort of half-way house for foster dogs looking for homes

4/ I'm vegan...but not an annoying vegan




 … and can we talk about our awesome store managers!!  They are our connection to you! Rebecca in Charleston, Alexandra in Amagansett, Angela and Mercedes in Santa Monica and Laurel and Simran in NYC. These amazing women help us become a vibrant part of your community. Keep an eye out in the coming months so you can get to know them a little better. We are going to do a Q & A for each manager and their teams!

 I am grateful.

 I thought it was about time you got to see the faces behind all the work. . . because we all do it together. . . because we are passionate about you, creating new clothes each season for you and your littles. My team’s style and attitude are what helps shape Pink Chicken’s "no fuss always stylish” brand for effortless dressing. . . giving you value. . . making your lives more colorful and carefree. . .

 Check out our new Meet Our Team page on our website.

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  • What a lovely and generous way to acknowledge the staff of the Pink Chicken ! The fashion industry can be a thankless and stressful world for the worker bees that keep things happening……. but it sounds like the culture at Pink Chicken is one of mutual respect and appreciation. Kudos to you all…..
    If more companies and industries in our country had such a positive sensability and cooperative spirit we would be in MUCH more peaceful and harmonious place than we are right now……….
    Best wishes chickies ,
    (Freelance Designer)

    Bridget Austin
  • Loved meeting you all! We had the best time coming to the NYC photo shoot!! ❤️ Great blog post and amazing company!

    Katie Krueger
  • I am a grandmother who loves pink chicken for my granddaughter, now 10. I am sad that she now wears a size 12 and will soon no longer be able to wear pink chicken. The 10 to 13-year-old market does not have good clothing options. They are either too young looking or too sexualized. Can I convince you to extend your clothing line to include earlly teen styles?

    Carol Gammell

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