Summer '23 Flock Star - Meet Duchess

1. Name & Age: Duchess, and I am 9-years-old!
2. Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri - but now live in California
3. Hobbies & interests: I love arts, crafts, traveling, and spending time with my friends.
4. When/how did you discover Pink Chicken? My granny in Kansas City bought me my first skirt from Pink Chicken from Halls at Crown Center when I was 5-years-old, and I love how it twirls around. It is green with red apples on it. Ever since, it has been a tradition that we go to Halls, and she buys me something from Pink Chicken. And I still have it. We now live in California, so she mails me items.
5. If you could only pack one piece from the Summer Collection in your suitcase for your summer vacation, what would it be and why?  The Kelsey Ice Cream dress because I love ice cream!
6. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? What is the brand to you? We love how unique Pink Chicken is and how beautiful the prints and colors are. This means a lot because it is now a tradition that me and my family share. It’s a big deal when I get a new Pink Chicken piece because it is time shared with my mom and grandmothers. I love wearing dresses anyway and my Pink Chicken dresses make me feel like the princess I am, and my name just happens to be “Duchess”.
7. Feelings on being our Summer Flock Star?! I am more excited than my mom and she’s super HAPPY! Pink Chicken is my favorite brand and being the Summer Flock Star will forever be a special memory for me. This started out as a love for girlie dresses, shopping trips and now I am a Flock Star for my favorite brand. It is a full circle magical moment!
8. How do you like to spend a typical weekend in your city? I like to go on play dates with my friends, try new food places with my mom and granny all over Southern California, and drive to the big city in downtown LA with my dog Benji.
duchess and benji9. What are your favorite summertime activities? My favorite summertime activities are swimming, traveling, and working on arts & crafts.
10. Any summer traditions that you look forward to? I love traveling to our hometown Kansas City, we go every year to spend time with my dad, granny, paw paw, aunt, and family. I love going to Kansas City to play with my cousins and hangout with my dad at the park.
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