Summer Flock Star Sisters - Meet Pfeiffer Gray & Collins

Happy Summer! Meet Pfeiffer Gray & Collins
1. Names & Ages: Pfeiffer Gray (6) and Collins (5)
2. Hometown: Raleigh, NC 
3. Tell us a little bit about your relationship as sisters: We love being sisters. It’s like an instant best friend for life! 
4. Hobbies & interests: Cheer, swimming and we love designing new clothes for our Barbies! 
5. How did you discover Pink Chicken? We fell in love with Pink Chicken through our moms love for fashion. She is always looking for fun new brands for us to try out. The carefree, boho style is a perfect match for our personality. 
6. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own?  The Garden Dress is our go-to. It's light enough for the North Carolina summer heat, and definitely passes the twirl test! 
7. How do you feel when you are wearing Pink Chicken? We love the soft material and unique prints. We always get compliments on our outfits when we wear Pink Chicken!  
8. Feelings on being our Summer Flock Stars?! We are excited to be featured in one of our favorite brands!  It’s so fun to take pictures and talk about clothes we love to wear.  
9. How do you like to spend a typical weekend in your city? Summers are made for the pool. We love splashing around in our Pink Chicken suits and adorable cover ups!  
10. Tell us about some favorite spots in Raleigh? We love going to a baseball game at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park or running around at Dix Park to fly a kite. There are so many fun things to do in our area. Pink Chicken has so many versatile pieces, it’s easy to always find the perfect outfit no matter what we are up to.  
11. What are your favorite summertime activities? Going to the beach.
12. Any summer traditions that you look forward to? The beach is close by and we make a lot of trips down during the summer. Whether we are riding the waves on our boogie boards or getting in a round of putt putt, it’s always a blast!  
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