SUMMER FLOCK STARS: Meet Emerson & Eleanor

girls in dresses
Hi! Meet Emerson & Eleanor!
1. Names & Ages: Emerson Scott, 6 (will be 7 on August 16) & Eleanor Scott, 5
2. Hometown: Northville, Michigan
3. Tell us a little bit about your relationship as sisters: Emerson reads stories to Eleanor and comforts her if she is scared. Eleanor can always make Emerson laugh and she is always trying to keep up with her big sister. Emerson learned to ride her bike a few months ago, and Eleanor did it the next day. Their favorite things to do together are to listen to music on the Alexa devices in their rooms or to pretend play. They are always pretending and creating a make-believe world. They also love playing outside whether that’s riding bikes and scooters or drawing with chalk in the driveway.
e and e playing
4. How did you discover Pink Chicken? Their Nana got them their first Pink Chicken dresses. She lives in Nashville, TN and discovered the cutest dress at a boutique there. Nana loves dressing her granddaughters in matching dresses for the holidays and Pink Chicken is always the first choice.
5. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Their all-time favorite dress is the Steph Dress in the velour fabric. They have a beautiful pink one from the Fall 2020 collection and they love it because it is so soft! They also felt so pretty in these Marabelle Dresses from the collab with Allegra & Luca!
eleanor eating ice cream
6. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? We love Pink Chicken because the pieces are unique and fun! In every collection, there is a piece that showcases their personalities and they truly have fun wearing Pink Chicken clothes. It’s always a win when they beg to wear something over and over.
7. Feelings on being our Summer Flock Stars for 2021? The girls were beyond excited to be Summer Flock Stars. I don’t know if they fully understand what it means, but to them it means they are going to be famous!
emerson playing chess
8. How do the girls like to spend a typical weekend in your city? A typical summer weekend for Emerson and Eleanor always involves going to our neighborhood pool. They love seeing their friends and neighbors and they love to swim! They also love going to the cute downtown in Northville. During the pandemic, the city voted to close the streets in a four-block radius in the heart of downtown. This made it even more fun to go out for dinner or meet up with friends downtown. The streets are blocked, there is live music, vendors selling treats in the street and the kids can run around and have fun. A few local businesses even put out games and things for the kids to do.
playing cornhole
9. Tell us about some favorite sights & attractions in your city? We love going to the town square! The girls love to make wishes in the fountain and there are plenty of tables so you can meet up with friends or just grab take out from your favorite restaurant and eat outside. Their favorite spots are Browndog for ice cream, Sugar Lu’s for candy, Center Street Grille for pizza and Koji for sushi. Another favorite spot is Ford Field park. It’s a beautiful park close to downtown Northville and the girls could spend hours at the park.
e and e walking down the street
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