Sweet Spotlight On: MyOrganicBakery

Spotlight on MyOrganicBakery - the delicious dessert company who made the birthday party sweets for our Spring 2022 photoshoot. Get to know Natalia (the founder) below!
1. Where is MyOrganicBakery based? Daniel Island, South Carolina (just outside of Charleston)
2. How did you know you wanted to be a baker? Every year, my mom made a special cake for my birthday, it’s become a family tradition and this is how I started to bake when my daughter was born.
3. What are some of your specialties/bestsellers? Our very famous spinach-lemon cake, and one of the first cakes designed in MyOrganicBakery, has more spinach than flour! The cake will conquer a lemon lover’s heart, has eye catching combination of bright green sponge base with yellow lemon curd filling and white delicately sweet vanilla cream- cheese frosting.
4. What has been your favorite and most challenging part about starting your company? There are events in our life where we can’t avoid desserts. In MyOrganicBakery, we incorporate organic ingredients and show that desserts can be bright, rich in flavor, and healthy at the same time. Mother Nature provides us with amazing resources that we are thrilled to use in our recipes. When working with natural colors, it takes longer to get necessary results, however, this is inspiring to know we are doing good for people and Mother Nature. There are many resources we can use and continue to experiment every day.
5. Thank you so much for providing the most beautiful, and yummy!,  desserts for our Spring photoshoot - what was your inspiration for creating these? We were excited to create desserts for the Spring photoshoot! Inspired by the abundance of colors in the new collection and the birthday dress in particular, it was a unique chance to show how desserts can be colorful, natural and organic at the same time. We do the best for our kids. 
6. We love that you bake Organic options - what made you choose to do this? In MyOrganicBakery we create desserts from scratch for any occasion and for people with different diets. Being on this path for a long time, much has been learned about food and what people love. All desserts are organic and delicately sweet. We do not compromise on any ingredient in our recipes and use pasture-raised eggs, A2 milk, avocado, olive, coconut, and walnut oils. We are peanut, corn and soy free. To colour the cakes, we use, for example, spinach or matcha tea for green, butterfly pea for blue, dragon fruit, and beets for pink, annato powder for orange.Most of our desserts can be gluten-free. We have lectin-free and sugar-free menu. Our vegan assortments are growing in popularity as well.

MyOrganicBakery is a creative cooking lab, where chemistry along with passion bring together unique results. 

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