Happy Father's Day!

The countdown to our next Spring/Summer photo shoot has begun, and that means that Father's Day is fast approaching. That's right—it's been years since my husband, John, has been able to enjoy a no-hassle Sunday with the rest of America's Dads because it falls on the exact weekend we photograph our upcoming collection.   Instead of surfing or fishing, or doing any number of things he'd rather be doing on his day off, he's helping me shuttle racks of clothing, tiny models, food, props, you name it from location to location. Every year, John is right in the mix, ready to do anything and everything he can to help. Chauffeur, pizza delivery guy, tireless motivator: He wears a lot of hats in this operation, and I couldn't do it without his hands-on help, advice and encouragement. But his most important role is devoted father to our two young girls, and boy do they know it. They feel so confident and secure in their Dad's love.   John: The hockey games, the early morning practices, the infinite patience you've shown them with everything from reading good night books to teaching them how to hold a bat, it's nothing short of amazing. Thank you!!   If the father on your list is anything like the one in our house, choosing a gift that lets him know you "get" him is a challenge. Here are a handful of ideas for the wave-riding, surf-casting, guitar-playing dude in your life:   GO PRO SURF CAM Mount this little waterproof camera on the nose of your board and, just like that, you've got photos or video of the action.  So cool! http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDSH-002-Hero2-Surf-Camera/dp/B005WY3TD4/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1370236817&sr=8-7&keywords=go+pro+camera 615B73WoP8L._SL1400_     FIRST AID KIT If the man in your life is like mine (ever practical,  on the go, always prepared) this super cool and stylish first aid kid is just the thing. For camping trips, beach days, fishing trips, etc. it's sensible and stylish. http://www.bestmadeco.com FIRST_AID_2011_960_1024x1024    SWIM and every dad needs a cool new pair of swim trunks so he doesn't embarrass the family at the annual bbq http://www.oneill.com/#/men/americacanada/collection/men/sportswear/all/boardshorts/arcade/green/   Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 11.13.01 AM     NEW-VINTAGE VINYL If your music-loving man likes to break out the turn table to show the kids how real music sounds, then check out the Third Man Records website. The label, owned by Jack White of The White Stripes, reissues vinyl from blues, jazz and rock legends, like this 7 inch from Johnny Cash.   http://thirdmanstore.com/featured/johnny-cash-get-rhythm   iwalktheline_1   No matter how your family celebrates, make sure your guy knows how much you appreciate him. I wish I said it more: Thank you, John!   jon kids
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