Fall '23 Flock Stars: Meet Aadyha & Avani

sisters1. Names & Ages: Aadhya (6 years old) & Avani (3 ½ years old)
2. Hometown: Born in NYC, and raised in Jersey City, NJ
3. Tell us a little bit about your relationship as sisters: Even though we are a few years apart, people always stop to ask if we are twins! As best friends, we are always full of imagination and giggles, but most importantly, we can truly be ourselves around each other!
sisters4. Hobbies & interests: Aadhya loves to swim, craft, learn piano, and master the monkey bars. Avani is learning to ride her bike, and loves collecting gems and other small treasures.
5. When did you discover Pink Chicken? Our mom discovered the brand at Space Kiddets, one of our favorite children’s boutiques in the Flatiron area of Manhattan, which sadly shuttered its doors a few years ago.
6. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Aadhya: my dark purple cotton gauze dress with elaborate Indian hand embroidery and mirror work.  Avani: my ruffly Joy Tankini in a Blue Poppy print!
jumping7. Favorite piece from the Fall ’23 Back to School Collection? The Niley Dress in the “Be Kind” print!
8. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken and how do you feel when you are wearing it? We love Pink Chicken because the fabrics, prints and design details often uplift the beautiful textiles and crafts of India. Wearing Pink Chicken allows us to celebrate our Indian heritage in a fun and fashionable way.
9. Feelings on being our Fall Flock Stars? We are so excited, because we love dressing in coordinated outfits where each of us can express our uniqueness.
10. How do the girls like to spend a typical weekend in your city? We love exploring new brunch spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as we are pancake connoisseurs. We also love to check out new playgrounds and carousels, and of course, go to friends’ birthday parties!
11. Tell us about some favorite sights & spots in your city? Believe it or not, even though we live in the city, we have a small beach on the waterfront next to our building. We love to build sand castles, make sand mermaid tails, splash in the water sprinklers and ride the carousel. There is an enormous sculpture by Jaume Plensa, on the Hudson waterfront, called Water’s Soul. We love to ride our scooters and bikes to the art around sunset as it’s really peaceful with all the sea grasses blowing in the wind and there are huge boulders around the art that we love to climb. 
12. What are your favorite Fall activities? We love hiking in upstate New York, choosing our costumes for Halloween, and celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights!
13. Any Back to School/Fall traditions that you look forward to? We love meeting and getting to know our new teachers, exploring and settling in to our new classrooms and getting back into after-school activities, like Tumbling, Hindi and Choir.
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