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I first met Katie Stauffer almost a year ago via Instagram. I loved her adorable family, her beautiful aesthetic and the hilarious videos of her sassy - sometimes Pink Chicken clad - twins Mila and Emma. We quickly became fast Insta friends. Fast forward ten months… the videos of her twin 3 year olds (2 years at the time) went viral and she now counts almost 4 million devoted and loyal followers. If you haven't seen their videos on Insta or You Tube you have to look them up. They will brighten up any day for sure.   


When Katie told me she was coming to NYC this past Fall I suggested that she and her kids stop by our design studio, it would be so fun to meet in person! When I was giving her our address, right across from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), she said . . .”oh I went to school there.” I had no idea! A MAJOR fashion designer light bulb went off in my head and I thought . . . we should design a couple of dresses together. Katie was super excited about the idea.

After a few months of design conversations we super are excited to announce our collaboration . . .  two vintage inspired dresses. Please meet the Mila dress and the Emma dress.

Just last week Katie and the girls were again in NYC and they stopped by to see the dresses in person. They loved them and couldn’t believe they had dresses named after them. Let me tell you, Mila and Emma are so sweet, well mannered and even more adorable in person if you can believe it. And Katie is a gem - always a cool, grounded, fun, and creative mom.

Read below to hear more from this amazing mama of 5.

Name - Katie Stauffer 

Kids names and ages - Kaitlin 15, Charles 10, Finn 9, Emma and Mila 3

What city do you live in now, where did you grow up? - I live in Gilbert AZ but grew up in Birmingham, MI.

Proudest moment as a parent - When Kaitlin came to us and sang all of the songs she has written. 

Hardest moment as a parent - When Kaitlin was being bullied in middle was horrible.

How has your life changed since the videos of Mila and Emma went viral - good? and bad? -

It’s been crazy but a lot of fun!! It’s changed as far as going places and always being recognized, more fun opportunities for the family, but the misconceptions of how the videos are made and the mean comments have not been fun.  But they aren’t bad enough to stop us. The good comments and positive feedback by far outweighs the bad. 

Never leave home without - makeup 😂

Favorite family tradition - family swimming at night in the summer. 

What is your greatest fashion inspiration? Gosh soo many people...usually people I follow on Instagram. But I get a lot of inspiration from the store Anthropologie 

How would you describe your personal style? - Laid back, classic and feminine. Maybe a little indie. 

What is your favorite thing about this collaboration? -

Pink Chicken has always been a favorite brand of ours. They have never made a piece I don’t love...their style is the girls' style and not just because I say so...because they truly love it just as much as I do!!  Working with them has meant so much.

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  • Love you all even more now!
    Way to go Mom! You and your family
    Are truly inspiring.

    KerriJane Roberts
  • Love your post…. Beautiful family!

  • I just love following this entire family….they are very creative and so much fun to watch and see growing up….I love their videos !!! Keep up the great work !!


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