Meet @sheandwolf

Meet Jessica - a fabulous mama I met on instagram!  Incredible to me that this little app has connected us as a community of women, of parents and fashion lovers to support each other.   Jessica and her husband Thomas moved to New York City in 2009 to pursue their modeling career.  In between casting and jobs they visited all the local thrift stores.  They loved the hunt for that perfect vintage piece.  After they filled their small apartment with wonderful vintage finds, they decided to open an online vintage boutique, They have continued their business in a new location, beautiful Montana where they are raising a small family surrounded by mountains and nature.


Name - Jessica Rose Hetherington @sheandwolf

Kids names and ages - My girl Goldie is 5 and my boy River is 18 months 

Why Montana?

My mom lives here and we would visit a couple times a year from NYC. Every time we stepped off the plane, we would smell earth, the grass, the pines. We loved NYC but we kind of knew we were not lifers. Goldie was about two and I was really feeling like we needed more space and nature. We moved from San Diego to NYC so we had the option to move back there but we thought, let’s give Montana a try for a few years! We found an amazing house to rent on four acres for half the price of our tiny one bedroom nyc house and made the move

Proudest moment as a parent

Watching my kids love on one another. Their bond didn’t happen right away but when it blossomed, I was like....I’ve brought two people in this world and they are full of love, I have accomplished something so wonderful. They still fight but at the end of the day, they are so close and I’m so grateful for that. 

Hardest moment as a parent

Taking them to the ER when they have been sick or hurt. I always want to take all their pain away for them. Nothing can prepare you for this pain. Being a parent comes with so much joy but that pain, feeling helpless is so hard but I wouldn’t trade the most amazing, butt kicking job in the world for nothing. 

Never leave home without

Oh goodness, my bag is completely full of just in case stuff :) Always grab my phone, water bottle, keys, although I walked out without them last week and got locked out 🤣 Lots of snacks for the kids and myself. A change of clothes for River, diapers, sanitizer, wipes and a tinted lip balm. 

Favorite family tradition

We really need to start some more but on the weekends we always make a huge bowl of popcorn, make a fort on the floor, stay up late watching movies with the babies. We sleep in the next morning and I make waffles or pancakes, we all eat breakfast together then plan an adventure outside for the day. It’s simple but we all love this time spent together.

Whats your greatest fashion inspiration?

I adore the 70s. Anything hippie cut, bells, flowey dresses, vintage tees and tops. I loved Jane Birkins style back in the day, a white top and perfect fit levis.

How would you describe your personal style?

Gosh I don’t know, comfortable with a little edge?  My go to outfit is always my levi 501s or high waist black skinnies and a favorite vintage tee then some booties to give myself a bit more rock and roll feel or if I’m super busy with the kids my comfy high top vans. 

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