SPRING CLEANING: Refresh Your Mindset With Gervase Kolmos!

Meet @gervasekolmos - mama x3, intuitive mindset coach and model from our Spring photoshoot in Charleston! When we met G and her adorable daughter Maya on set that day, we knew we had to introduce her and her podcast, "It's All Me," to you guys. Read our full Q&A below!
1. How did you start your intuitive mindset coaching? Was there something that happened to you personally that made you want to help others?
After my first daughter was born 8 years ago, I had a massive lifestyle shock. I went back to work after three months of maternity and cried at my desk every day because I missed her so much. I came to the realization that I always wanted to be a working mom, but it was NOT worth it to me to be away from her working at a job that I had outgrown years prior.

So after much counseling and talking with my husband, I quit that job with no plan and a deep faith in myself to figure it out. The next day, I went to a writing workshop and sat next to a life coach and knew instantly as she explained her work to me that that was meant for me too!

2. How did you start your podcast “The Champagne Society” and tell us about how you are rebranding a bit with your new one “It’s All Me”.  People have been telling me to start a podcast for years! And I really wanted to but was intimidated by the tech side. When Covid hit it was one week before my first sold-out Champagne Society event after my third baby. And so it just became the natural segue time to pivot those conversations and my message into a podcast. Once I got started, I realized how much I loved it (and my community loved it), so I just kept at it! In the last six months however, The Champagne Society (as a brand overall) just started to feel like I was wearing an outfit from years ago that I just wasn’t feeling anymore. I outgrew it. I wanted to rebrand the podcast to be something that was more me and my work in the world  TODAY. My niche used to be working with mothers, and while I still do work with many mothers, I realized recently, that my niche is actually my MESSAGE. And my message and the way I live my life and work through things has ALWAYS been with the mindset that I am what I can control, and I am a walking paradox—I dance on tables and I pray. I love being a mother and I love being the parts of me that aren’t a mother. It’s all me, and I am responsible for the experience I choose of my life. My new podcast brand reflects this (and launched 2.23.22 - and it feels so much better!)

3. What has been your most rewarding moment or happening from this experience? Creating flexibility and choice for myself as a mother through entrepreneurship has been by far the most rewarding gift of this career. It’s not always been easy or abundant, but feeling so grateful and abundant in the reward of TIME and CHOICE with my parenting has made all the difference for me.

4. What has been your biggest challenge or struggle? As an entrepreneur, you’re expected to be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker! I feel so confident in the quality and transformative power of my craft, my coaching. But the backend? The marketing and business side? Phew! That has been a huge learning curve. Not to mention the tech and the social media. But like I said, focusing on my message and knowing what I have to give is rock solid, has helped me get through it.

5. What are some of your trusted resources and tips for moms to find mindfulness? I’m a huge fan of anything that brings moms back to center within themselves. There can be chaos all around us, and we can still dig deep into our endless well for peace and handle it like a mom boss. The things I use to do this are self-hypnosis tracks (you can download a free one from the link in my IG profile!), meditation, movement, playing in nature with my kids, rest, and anything else that connects you back to YOU.

6. You and your adorable daughter modeled for us in our Spring campaign - what did you enjoy most about being on set together? Did you know about the PC brand before? If so, what do you connect with most? Yes! That was so fun! I honestly loved the modeling! Seeing the before and after is so fun for me. Photography is art, and I’m here for it. And spending the day together in matching outfits (I’m not the matching outfits mom, but loved being her for a day!) was so fun and special. I’ve known of Pink Chicken for years (I did my first casual mama meetup—what would evolve into The Champagne Society— at the one on King Street YEARS ago!). I didn’t realize how much more extensive your brand has become! It’s beautiful!

7. How do you balance family and your growing business?  I give myself permission to power pivot constantly. Balance, to me, is hundreds of tiny pivots as a woman all day long. Which means changing your mind, schedule, plan, etc, constantly, to adapt to the needs of your family, business and Self!

8. Do you have any mottos or mantras that you always reference when it comes to being a mom? I’m all about the “Easy Button!” When we’re deep in the mom chaos and feel like we’re drowning in overwhelm, I snap out of it, by imagining myself pressing a big red Easy Button and making whatever choice intuitively comes to mind from that mental shift.

9. Being a female entrepreneur, what would your advice be to someone (particularly a mom) who is interested in starting their own business or passion project?  Do it! Stay super focused on WHY you want to do it and the longterm benefits and just get out of your own way as much as possible. It can take a while to find your footing and that’s normal and to be expected. But if you stay in your own lane, connected to your gifts you want to offer the world and WHY it’s the best choice, then the challenges won’t even matter.

10. Tell us a bit about your coaching seminars? What is the process for signing up and what should people expect from enrolling? I currently offer 1:1 coaching packages and a mastermind, and it’s always changing (programs, etc). On my website and linktree, you can apply to work with me by booking a 90-minute coaching intensive so you can try before you buy and we can see if we’re genuinely a fit. This means you show up ready to receive and be supported and seen by me and I listen and see the holes in your stories and places you can lighten, shift, take your power back and reconnect to YOU. It’s fun. :) IF we work together, the cost of that session is parlayed into your package and we kick off a pretty serious relationship where we talk at least twice a month via zoom and connect via Voxer (walkie talkie app) whenever you need a dose of truth and remembering who you are via my words.

11. Would you like to share any sneak peeks or hints on future happenings for you and your  business/podcast/life in general? I feel like entrepreneurship has been such a wild ride and I’m at this beautiful point where so much of what was tricky is now so so easy and fluid for me. So this year is all about shoring up the backend of my business so I can serve more women at once. So, as a community, we can bring the “It’s All Me” mindset shift to every single hard thing we do and make this one incredible life our masterpiece.

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