SPRING FLOCK STAR '24 - Meet Eloise

Happy Spring - Meet Eloise from Houston, TX!
1. Name & Age: Eloise, 5-years-old
2. Hometown: Houston, TX
3. Hobbies & interests: Eloise is always up for any activity, but right now cheerleading is at the top of her list (she asked the Easter bunny for pink pom poms). Also, if a dog is nearby - watch out! She will try and pet the pup and take him/her home. If you ask Eloise what she wants to be when she grows up, she will say she wants to take care of sick animals. 
4. How did you discover Pink Chicken? I discovered Pink Chicken long before having Eloise when I was shopping for a baby shower gift at Itsy Bitsy in Houston. I was instantly drawn to everything Pink Chicken. Lucky for me, I ended up having a girl and now this brand has become our all time favorite.
5. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Do I have to pick just one?? I would have to say there was a print that came out when Eloise was just a few months old that I bought and loved so much that I went and bought the larger bubble and the dress in a 2T.  I still cherish every photo of her in that print. We have since passed it down to my niece and her mom has to hide it from her daughter otherwise she wants to wear it everyday because the likes the way it twirls.
6. Favorite piece from the Spring '24 Collection? The Blue Dahlia print is the sweetest and I’m loving the monochrome sets. Once again, it is hard to choose just one and I have more than one swimsuit on my list too.
7. Why do you continue to shop Pink Chicken? I plan on passing down my Pink Chicken collection to my grandkids one day. The clothes are such great quality and the prints are so unique I don’t think they will ever go out of style. There have been some styles that I have tried to buy off Poshmark after the fact and the clothes hold their value even used. No matter where we are, if Eloise is wearing PC, people always stop and compliment her.   
8. Feelings on being our Spring Flock Star?! When the Pink Chicken team reached out to me about this opportunity, I felt like I won the lottery. I remember visiting the PC store in Santa Monica years ago, and since then I have watched the brand grow and give back to the community with the Pinkie Banks. Also, I love supporting small businesses, and around Houston, Pink Chicken is sold in all the cute, small boutiques. I know a lot of the reason these stores are still open is because of this brand - so keep up the good work.   
9. How do you and your family like to spend a typical weekend in Houston?  Surprisingly, there is a lot to do in Houston and getting to hang out with friends and family are at the top of our list. We all share the same PC obsession and so whether we are at a crawfish boil, the pool or a park Eloises friends almost always show up wearing Pink Chicken. *See the pictures of friends Leighton (blond girl in most of the photos), Charlotte and Hazel in their PC too.
10. Tell us about some favorite sights and attractions in Houston? There is so much to love about Houston. We love the museums, Levy Park, Club Westside, biking along Terry Hershey, visiting the Houston bean and of course the Astros!!!
11. What are your favorite Springtime activities? Well, Spring in Houston is more like summer so we love weekend trips down to the beach in Galveston, scooter rides with our besties after a long workday, the art car parade and the kite fest are always a must not miss.   
12. Favorite flower? The Texas state bluebonnet of course, and the runner up would be blue hydrangeas.
13. Anything else you would like to share? Keep the adorable Rodeo prints coming. Houston is home to the largest rodeo in the world and we went 7 times this year. We love wearing PC every time we go!
Shop Eloise's Spring looks here!
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