Giving Back : Jessica Seinfeld of Baby Buggy

Next up in our PC 3 series featuring our favorite non-profits to benefit mothers & children in need during this season of giving is Baby Buggy (, the brainchild of Jessica Seinfeld, dedicated mom of three and wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Here, she spreads the good word about her organization’s inspiring work providing essential baby gear—diapers, formula, wipes, bouncy seats, you name it— to families who couldn’t otherwise afford it: Tell us about Baby Buggy: I started Baby Buggy right after the birth of Sascha, our first child. I was struck by how costly it is to prepare for a baby, and how these expensive items sit in a closet as the baby grows. Health care, diapering and feeding costs are impossible for many families to afford, and it’s a cause of stress during what’s supposed to be a very joyful time. First, I asked my friends to give their gently used gear and clothing. Then I organized a citywide drive and it grew from there. Eleven years later we are a fully staffed organization helping low-income families nationwide. What makes you so passionate about the cause? When a woman is stressed during her pregnancy and there’s tension in a baby’s life, it has implications that last a lifetime. I’d love to know that in my lifetime I helped a few people experience some relief from that financial stress. How can other mothers get involved to support your cause? Simply look through your home for gently used children’s items that are no longer of use and donate them. You can always volunteer at the Baby Buggy warehouse, coordinate a drive for diapers or formula, or make a financial contribution. Any way you choose, you’re going to help those who really need it. How can you involve your kids in giving back? The best way is to model giving back. I prefer to let our children watch me work and listen to my phone calls, rather than give pedantic speeches. Their awareness of what I do for Baby Buggy has piques their interest more than any conversation I could have with them. Thanks, Jessica. Pink Chicken has been a proud supporter of Baby Buggy, donating excess inventory whenever we can and most recently, organizing a diaper and wipe drive to help families devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We have such admiration for what you’ve accomplished, and think that the BB motto  “Love. Recycled.”  says it all.
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