Celebrating Black History Month!

the harveys
In celebration of Black History Month, we want to highlight some amazing members of the Pink Chicken community! Meet them and read their comments below⁠  💗 
The Harvey Family // @homeoftheharveys
An amazing brand partner and collaborator! Plus, we can't get over how cute this family is. Their genuine, sweet personalities shine through in all of their photos!⁠
the harveys
How do you teach your kids about Black History Month?
With their young age, we start with our night time book reads. We find books that center around historical black figures or events to familiarize them with those important names and faces. We also found some really great youtube videos that explain important historical events that paved the way for Black excellence in a way our 5-year-old can understand.
The Wickers Family // @biancawickers
We have known Bianca and her adorable daughter, Perry, for years! We actually met them at our photoshoot in CA years ago, and continued to work together since then. The perfect Mommy & Me duo!⁠
mommy and me
How do you celebrate Black History Month?
For us, Black history is something we recognize every day. It’s a celebration of legacy, life, perseverance, community, and so much more that as a family we honor with grace and in love, each and every day.
the wickers family
The Sutton-Sauls Family // @csuttonsauls
A longtime customer of ours! We always love seeing Carrington in her latest PC frocks on Instagram, and opening up a friendly DM from Candace always puts a smile on our faces!⁠
mommy and me
How do you teach your kids about Black History Month?

The truth is, many of us are unaware of the depth, breadth, and relevance of Black history, and since we do have Black History marked on our calendars every February, it has been and will continue to be very important for me to teach my children about the many varied contributions and accomplishments Black people have made in the U.S., often against tremendous odds.

Talking about diversity isn’t always easy, especially when that discussion is with children. But luckily, there are many books for kids and adults that teach powerful black history subjects in colorful and enlightening ways. My kids have experienced the Smithsonian African American museum several times, along with countless other civil rights museums.

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