Earth Day Spotlight On: Northshore Surf Girls

While shooting our Spring '22 Collection in Hawaii, we fell in love with the beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters of the North Shore. We learned surfing was a way of life while talking to surf instructor at North Shore Surf Girls, Aimee Antipala, who’s daughter Avrie, modeled for us. Read more about NSSG in our Q&A below! 
1. Please tell us about North Shore Surf Girls and how it started? What is its mission? Founded by Carol Philips, North Shore Surf Girls starting in 2007. Carol grew up on the north shore of Oahu where she fell in love with surfing. She discovered surfing to be both thrilling and intimidating. With that factor, she wanted to show people the fun and thrilling parts of surfing in a safe way for all ages. Our mission at NSSG is to make everyone’s experience fun, safe and to enjoy the ride of Mother Nature’s waves!
2. How long have you been surfing? How did you know you wanted to surf for a living? As for me, I was born and raised on the south shore of Kauai. My love of the ocean started before I could walk or swim. Both my father and brother surfed, when I could finally swim, I was surfing with them on the same board as tandem surfing. I loved it so much the feeling inside me when I was riding waves was something I could not explain. So, I’ve been surfing my whole life. After high school I moved to San Diego, California to experience life off the islands. There I met an amazing surf lady who was just starting her own all-girl surf school. We met and instantly became friends. She hired me as her first Hawaiian surf instructor. And that’s when I felt the joy from teaching surfing to others and got paid for it. After 5 years, I decided to move back to Hawaii and in 2010, I met Carol and started working for her. She and I have the same passion to teach people how to surf. We love it and why not make a little money doing what we love.
(Aimee and Carol of NSSG)
3. What is your favorite part about surfing? What is the most challenging? Oh man, there are so many! Not just to ride the waves, but a sunny, crystal-clear water, green mountains in the background is a blessing. I also love those partly cloudy days when the rainbows come out - I get happy to see the turtles & fish out there with me, but most of all, I love the feeling of going down the line of the wave as my fingertips glide with it. The most challenging part of surfing for me is when I want to push myself in more difficult surf, to connect in my mind to know that I can do it.
4. What are some of your tips for first time surfers? I would always suggest taking a lesson. It will really help you and benefit you in wanting to learn more about the sport. With the instructor, your confidence and safety will be on point. Learning how to surf and learning the ocean can be difficult for a first timer by themselves.
5. How is surfing on Hawaii’s North Shore different from other areas? North Shore, Oahu surfing is the arena of surfing! There have been many champions that have come out of here. The difference is that all the surf breaks have their own uniqueness about them. We have spots that are soft and playful and others that are intimidating and dangerous. Which make the North Shore ideal for all surfers!
6. Happy Earth Day! Can you tell us about the waters on the North Shore? Warm? Lots of waves? Happy Earth Day to you! The water is always around 77 degrees year-round; it does get a little chilly during the winter surf season, but overall warm waters. During our summer season, the ocean is quiet with calm waves good for SUP, diving and enjoying the summer sun.
7. Your adorable daughter was a model for our Spring & Swim photoshoots in Hawaii - please tell us a bit about the experience? Did you know the PC brand before modeling for us? Yes, my daughter did model for your Spring & Swim photoshoot, and she loved it - it was her first real professional modeling job. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The clothes are so cute we wanted to take them all home! We did not know PC before she got the job, but now we do and we tell everyone of our friends about it!
8. Can you tell us a little bit about what to expect when taking a lesson? How should one prepare, what should they bring etc? When taking a surf lesson with North Shore Surf Girls you can expect high quality customer service and the best surf instructors. You will always have a warm “aloha“ greeting from the start until the end. To prepare for your lesson, you should have your swimsuit on, ready to get in the water and apply reef safe sunscreen - other than that, we've got your covered!
9. Please tell us anything else you would want us to know about NSSG! At North Shore Surf Girls, we not only do surf lessons but also offer SUP (stand up paddle board) river tours up historical Haleiwa Town on the North Shore. NSSG also loves our community, so we try to teach our guests about Oahu and how to take care of it, while enjoying what it has to offer. We do a lot of beach clean-up, have local keiki (kids) surf meets. Overall, I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing! Mahlao Nui Loa! (thank you very much)
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