FLOCK STAR: Playtime with Lucille

Lucille hulahoops in her Unicorn Dress.

1. Names: Lee Messing & Lucille Marshal Messing (age 5)

2. Hometown: Denver, Colorado

3. Hobbies and interests: Lee: During the week, Lucille attends Kindergarten and does gymnastics once a week. On the weekends, we usually go on a bike ride, do a scooter ride up to the park by our house and do a lot of playing with babies - and art!

4. How did you discover Pink Chicken?  Lee: My sister had a little girl who was 3 or so, and I was living in Chicago and walked into the Red Balloon store and saw this incredibly cute dress that was dark pink with birds on it, and knew I had to buy it immediately. We have never looked back, Pink Chicken spoke to my sister and me. Lucille wore that same dress until it was too short even - with leggings!

5. Favorite Pink Chicken piece you own? Favorite piece or print from the current Fall Collection? Lucille: The new unicorn dress! Lee: The multi-color striped quilted jacket from a couple years ago with sparkly buttons - Lucille has worn it for a few seasons and it just makes her stand out with cuteness. From this current Fall Collection, the pink and white Autumn dress is darling!

6. Why do you continue to wear the Pink Chicken brand? Lee: The quality of the clothes for one - but the style, fabrics and uniqueness are what really make the brand special to us. According to Lucille, “it makes me feel happy because I think the dresses are so beautiful!”

7. Feelings on being our latest Flock Star!? Lucille: I like that I get to go take pictures with my mommy in my new unicorn dress! Oh! and Cock a-doodle-doo!

Lucille in her Peachy Dress on her scooter. Lucille playing at a jungle gym in her unicorn dress.


1. How does Lucille like to spend a weekend in Denver? Fridays are usually spent at gymnastics and dinner at the Stanley Marketplace, Saturdays we might go for a bike ride or go on an adventure (museum, union station, park) and we love going camping if it's not too chilly!

2. Tell us about some favorite sights/spots/attractions? We love any and all playgrounds, the Clyfford Still Museum, Union Station, Denver Botanic Garden, Red Rocks and Stanley Marketplace. 

3. Has Lucille picked out her Halloween costume yet? If so, care to share?!  Lucille is going to be cowgirl for Halloween!

4. What are your favorite fall activities in Denver? Any fall traditions that you look forward to? We love going to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the Elk Bugling.  We are also starting a new Fall family tradition to visit hot springs around Colorado. This will be our first, and we are going to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs!

5. Any other tidbits or stories that you would like to share? Because PC pieces have a stylish bohemian feel, they usually stand out and are often a conversation starter. When we were scootering around Union Station the other day we spoke to three different people who came up to tell Lucille how lovely her PC dress was with her silver bow.  A kind gesture, like sweet words to my daughter, make me feel better about the world she is growing up in today.

Lucille eating an ice cream cone in her unicorn dress.

We always love hearing from our customers - please be sure to tell us your stories and tag us in your PC frocks @pinkchickenny to be featured!

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