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madeline has moved in with us

My daughters have, I'd say, well-stocked closets (their mom has a kid's clothing line so there's sample overflow).  ...

spotted: pink chicken in hollywood

Guilty Pleasure: Us Magazine. People. And oh yeah, Hello. We can’t deny it, we love a little celebrity news especi...

every mother counts

While wearing the same dress as Christy Turlington has obvious pitfalls, I couldn’t be happier to see her in this Pi...

a dude ranch convert

"Set forth in the direction of the setting sun."  That was my husband’s decree as we sought a mind-clearing change o...

fall means a trip to stone barns

One of our favorite family day trips is to Stone Barns, a bucolic farm just a short drive from New York City.  The k...

I can almost smell the sea

Now that school has started and we’ve settled back into the city,  I’ve had to paste this picture above my desk to g...
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